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Open-Border Dilemma

How high does the body count need to go before the Left acknowledges this is a human tragedy?

Roger Helle · Nov. 8, 2019

On Monday, America was shocked by the brutal murder of an extended Mormon family less than 100 miles south of the U.S. border. The nine victims were women and children, including twins only six months old. According to a relative, the killers ambushed their vehicles and then walked up to them spraying more bullets into the women and children. After pilfering the vehicles, they set one on fire, burning some of the victims alive.

The family has dual citizenship with Mexico and the U.S. Supposedly, they were aware of the danger of the drug cartels and took precautions when traveling. So how did this happen? This problem is not anything new to Mexico. As has become more frequent, the victims were Americans!

Mexico has been a dangerous place for tourists for some time. Last year, when my brother told me he was going to Mexico for a vacation, I told him to be careful because of the violence. He told me it would be fine, it was a tourist area. The week he was there, a Marine on leave was brutally murdered.

This brings me to the touchy subject of open borders. We are told the vast majority of those coming across the border are good people who only want a better life. That may be true, but the facts also tell us that along with all of these “good people,” we are getting sex trafficking, a flood of drugs, and thousands of violent MS-13 gang members.

Enough deadly fentanyl has come across the border to literally wipe out our entire population. Mexico has replaced China for this deadly drug because of our poor control of the border. Let’s not forget the several hundred thousand deaths due to drug overdoses.

How many times have we read about mass graves found just south of our border? Are these victims of the cartels battling each other or trafficking victims who didn’t make it across? How many people have to die in vehicles when their “coyotes” abandon them after getting into the U.S. to avoid being caught? No time to get into Americans killed by illegals!

How high does the body count need to go before the Left acknowledges this is a human tragedy? I’m guessing a lot more because there are not yet enough to swing future elections. They have to know that when each of the Democrat candidates for president stand on the debate stage and tell of all the benefits they want to give to illegals who can make it here, it only encourages more people to leave their homes in the hope they make it here alive!

Why do we allow hundreds of thousands of Mexican and Central Americans to freely flow into our country each year? We have no idea who they are or what their intentions might be. What about the thousands of OTM (other than Mexicans) who come from countries NOT friendly to America? We are letting future terrorists come in and we have no idea where they will go. Think I’m exaggerating? How many Somali refugees allowed in this country legally have been caught planning terrorist acts? I rest my case.

While politicians of both parties do nothing about this human disaster, we will continue to read about these kinds of tragedies.

Something to think about?

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