Trump Whistleblower Good, Media Whistleblower Bad

ABC's whistleblower gets fired by CBS. The double standard is appalling and unsurprising.

Nate Jackson · Nov. 8, 2019

Nobody circles the wagons like the Leftmedia. As every mainstream-media outlet trumpets the latest churn on the Democrats’ impeachment charade — the first version over supposed “collusion” and the second fueled by the complaint from a “whistleblower” whose identity the Leftmedia assiduously protects — two networks were busy colluding to punish their own whistleblower.

First, how much have CBS and ABC contributed to the impeachment churn? The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman asked and answered: “In the 50 days since news consumers were told that a federal whistleblower was expressing his disapproval of a presidential phone call, CBS News has aired or published more than 100 stories on President Donald Trump and Ukraine. Counting stories from local affiliates, the number rises above 200. That’s according to the Dow Jones Factiva news archive. But CBS hasn’t come close to the wall-to-wall coverage offered by rival ABC News. A Factiva search of ABC stories about Mr. Trump and Ukraine yields 687 results for the last 50 days. More than 300 of the ABC stories specifically include the term ‘whistleblower.’”

Well, some whistleblowers are more equal than others.

Earlier this week, we noted the story of how ABC spiked a 2016 story about Jeffrey Epstein, likely because noting the serial pedophile’s connections to Bill Clinton would have hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The fact that the story was spiked was revealed by someone from ABC you might call a whistleblower — she leaked the video of ABC’s Amy Robach complaining about the network’s decision on the well-researched story.

But the whistleblower now works for CBS. Correction: She worked for CBS. Once ABC figured out who the whistleblower was, the network pressured its rival and she was fired.

While NBC wasn’t involved in this particular fiasco, that network is no better, having covered up stories on Harvey Weinstein and defended Matt Lauer for years. The #MeToo movement was supposed to be about giving voice to women abused by powerful men. And journalists are supposed to simply follow the facts and report the story, let the chips fall where they may. Yet the media’s primary mission is to cover for the offending men if doing so benefits Democrats and to punish those who speak out. Funny that these same media outlets complain when President Donald Trump accurately calls them the “enemy of the people.”

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