Working From Home? Call Your Kids Your 'Coworkers'...

Here are a few things children do that are incredibly hilarious out of context.

Culture Beat · Apr. 13, 2020

For everyone trying to work from home right now but also managing little kids, just imagine calling them your “coworkers” as you relate what they’re doing.

My coworkers are taking a nap in a playpen.

My coworkers take ridiculously long bathroom breaks and leaving toilet paper on the floor.

My coworkers are dressed up in princess costumes and singing music from Frozen.

My coworker just chased another coworker around the office with a plastic bat.

My coworkers keep asking when the next catered meal happens.

My coworker just threw Fruit Loops at my other coworker and then lied about it.

My coworkers are wearing nothing but underwear and watching cartoons. Casual Friday could be horribly inappropriate.

My coworkers leave snack trash and socks all over the office.

My coworker passed gas and then laughed at me when I noticed.

My coworker is literally pooping her pants right now.

My three coworkers built a fort out of blankets.

My coworker is yelling at me from the bathtub.

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