'I Can't Believe I'm Losing to This Guy'

Trump must be having similar sentiments when matched up against a mentally declining Biden.

Douglas Andrews · Jul. 1, 2020

Our nation’s enemies must be licking their chops at the latest polling, which shows Joe Biden with a comfortable lead over Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential race. It’s still early, though, and those of us with a stake in the future can thank our lucky stars for it.

“I’ve been tested, and I’m constantly tested,” said Biden yesterday at an under-the-radar public appearance at a high school in Delaware. He was responding to a question about his cognitive health, and his answer wasn’t exactly reassuring to anyone who understands the stakes here. This is a man, after all, who right now has at least an even-money shot to be our next president.

The Democrats’ plan is no secret: They’re going to keep their guy locked in his basement while they stir up racial strife, talk down the economy, and blame Trump for a Chinese pandemic. Doing so, they hope, will convince enough voters to opt for change — any change — and allow them to drag Biden’s cognitive corpse across the finish line on November 3.

As Victor Davis Hanson put it, “Inserting memorized answers into rehearsed questions, as if the entire con was spontaneous, only reveals how his once episodic dementia has become chronic as he loses his prompt and place. It was understandable that his handlers saw opportunity in secluding Biden during Trump’s tweeting, alongside the contagion, the lockdown, the recession, and the rioting that in voters’ minds had equated fear of chaos with the culpability of the current commander in chief.”

Hanson added this insightful point: “Seclusion, quiet, and the absence of intellectual stimuli often only enhance dementia, while travel, conversation, and new imagery and experiences tend to unclog for a bit the congested neuron pathways. The more Biden ‘rests up,’ the more he seems to be non compos mentis in his rare staged interviews. His brain is like a flabby muscle, and restful disuse does not make it firmer.”

If you’re thinking that most folks haven’t yet tuned in to the presidential race, you’re probably right. But think about this: On Monday, a Rasmussen poll found that 38% of likely voters — including 20% of Democrats — believe Biden has dementia (another poll put the number at 55%). Perhaps even more remarkably, only 48% of voters don’t believe Biden has dementia. Thus, the 77-year-old whom Democrat voters believe should safeguard our nation from the likes of Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and the Iranian mullahs can’t even scare up a majority of voters who think he’s of sound mind.


And yet Joe Biden — God love him! — is nonetheless leading President Trump by nearly 10 points according to the latest RealClearPolitics polling average.

The American voter might yet bail us out, though. That same Rasmussen poll told us that 61% of all voters believe it’s important for Biden to address the dementia issue publicly, with 41% saying it’s “very important.”

This is the same Joe Biden who yesterday couldn’t distinguish between the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. And who, at a pre-COVID campaign stop in Texas, told a wincing crowd, “We hold these truths to be self-ul evident. All men and women created … by the … g'oh, you know the, you know the thing.”

The thing. The Declaration of Independence. You know, the thing.

“I can hardly wait to compare my cognitive capability to the cognitive capability of the man I’m running against,” said Joe Biden yesterday. To this we might caution his brave-faced handlers: Be careful what you wish for.

As for President Trump, he must be feeling like comedian Jon Lovitz in that long-ago “Saturday Night Live” skit, when he played former presidential candidate Michael Dukakis opposite Dana Carvey’s George H.W. Bush.

“Governor Dukakis, rebuttal?”

“I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy.”

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