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It's Not Benghazi; It's Murder

Murray T. Bass · May 19, 2014

Americans have a tendency to label things. Labels have no human value and are easy to forget. Forget we do.

9-11 is just a date with little or no emotional value for most Americans. Especially the young. It wasn’t a date; it was the premeditated murder of more than 3,000 human beings by Islamic terrorists. Murder. The 9-11 murders.

An Islamic Superintendent at the Rialto California School District approved a history book that questions whether the Holocaust really happened or was just a hoax. When called on it, he replied it was a mistake. Questioning the murder of 6 million human beings was a mistake? General Eisenhower documented the Holocaust with pictures of the dead piled like rotting cordwood. Just a name they would have us forget.

Benghazi is just the name of a place. It will be remembered as just a place unless we tell ourselves it was the premeditated murder of four courageous Americans. We must remember that they could have been saved had the President fulfilled his responsibility to protect the property and lives of Americans. It was his responsibility and he purposely refused to do so. After many pleas for help from Ambassador Stevens which were ignored, the order was given to “Stand Down.” Do not protect our citizens or our property – the embassy. President Obama is an accessory to the murder of those four Americans. Regardless of the reasons for the cold blooded treatment of these brave Americans, there can be no excuses.

Ambassador Stevens was tortured and burned to death by the Al Qaeda Islamic jihadists. They proudly took pictures of his killing and torture and made them available to the world. They said it took seven hours for him to die. A gruesome, horrible death. I have seen those photos. The murder of Chris Stevens and the killing of Sean Smith, and former Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were in Benghazi. That’s true. These acts were committed by Al Qaeda terrorists. But the responsibility lies with our President and his staff.

Until we fix responsibility, we are accessories to murder. Instead of calling it Benghazi, maybe we should be calling it the “Stand down to Murder in Benghazi.”

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