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It's a Scandal!

Burt Prelutsky · Sep. 18, 2017

For about as long as I can remember, I have said that if I had the power to work miracles, I would hand over control of the Senate to the Democrats if I could control the media. I wouldn’t even ask the media to go easy on the Republicans. I would only demand that across the entire media spectrum — newspapers, magazines, TV, movies, radio and the Internet — only objective facts would be transmitted. Opinions of those facts would be permitted, but spinning or intentionally ignoring the facts would be a felony.

Consider, if you will, how much time and attention has been spent portraying President Trump as a villain, concocting Russian connections where none exist and pretending that he didn’t have the constitutional right to shut down immigration from a handful of rogue nations.

Furthermore, if you were sappy enough to swallow the swill of the mass media, you would think that more political scandals have occurred during the past eight months than in the previous eight years.

Fortunately, someone has gone to the trouble of listing the major scandals of the Obama administration. As you pore through the list, imagine if even some of them had Trump’s fingerprints on them how berserk the NY Times, the Washington Post and CNN would have gone. Instead, you might even be hard-pressed to remember them, unless I prompt your memory in a few cases.

In no particular order, we had Solyndra; Cash for Clunkers; the billion-dollar stimulus and the non-existent shovel-ready jobs; the government shutdown, when Obama made sure that people would blame Republicans for families not having access to the national parks and veterans not having access to war memorials; hundreds, if not thousands, of VA deaths; Secret Service agents discovered colluding with foreign prostitutes and driving under the influence; the General Services Administration spending tax dollars on lavish parties; polluting the Colorado River; the Iran nuclear deal and ransom payments; Bowe Bergdahl; the domestic spying by the NSA; the Pigford scandal, which involved compensating black farmers over phony claims of discrimination; Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using a private server and accepting bribes from foreign, sometimes hostile, nations; Benghazi; the IRS targeting of conservative groups and individuals; Operation Fast & Furious, which resulted in Attorney General Eric Holder being the first Cabinet officer ever cited for contempt of Congress, but not losing his job; spying on American journalists and foreign dignitaries; and placing police departments all over the nation under the thumb of the Justice Department as a result of trumped-up charges of racism.

We could also include Obama’s spirited defense of Prof. Henry Gates, his referring to Trayvon Martin as the son he never had and his outpouring of sympathy for Michael Brown and the Black Lives Matter hooligans.

Then there was his obvious kinship with a number of black hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Van Jones. It was as if the first black president had set out to undo all the advances in race relations that had taken place over the previous half-century.

I do not understand why the U.S. ever enters into mutual defense treaties with other nations. The way I look at it, if fire breaks out in my neighbor’s house, I’ll do whatever I can to help out. I would expect the same from him. It so happens that I like my next-door neighbor. But even if I didn’t, it would be in our mutual interest to prevent the fire from expanding. But he and I don’t have to sign a binding contract. So, why should the U.S. have to obligate ourselves to other nations, some of which make a regular practice of voting against our interests at the UN?

For one thing, if we were attacked, there’s damn little that some of those nations could do for us even if they wanted to. On the other hand, I see the advantage for them; Uncle Sam, the biggest sucker on the face of the earth, picks up the tab for their defense, allowing them to spend their own money financing a socialist agenda that includes generational welfare, month-long paid vacations, the feeding and housing of Muslim immigrants, and government-funded health care.

It turns out the real reason that South Korea spurned our anti-missile defense system was because Trump expected them to pay for it.

Is it in America’s interest to have a peaceful world or at least one in which tyrannies such as China, Russian, Iran, Cuba and North Korea could be contained? Of course, just as it’s in my interest if my neighbor’s house doesn’t go up in flames. But that doesn’t mean I should be expected to pay his fire insurance.

Speaking of finances, LeRoy Foster sent me an email after my recent screed against the minimum wage. He wrote: “The minimum wage issue was always a prelude to a national minimum income to replace welfare.”

I replied: “Of course. I have even begun hearing left-wingers calling for it in public. In much the same way, the Democrats knew that ObamaCare was a time bomb set to explode, but because they expected Hillary Clinton to be the next president and because they expected that she would carry the party to victory in the House and Senate, they assumed the next inevitable step was for ObamaCare to morph into socialized (single-payer) medicine.

"On the other hand, the GOP is so inept, anything is possible even if it maintains control of Congress. Just last week, the Senate Appropriations Committee okayed a spending bill that includes $10 million to help fund the UN department that oversees the Paris Climate Agreement.

"The vote was 16-14 in favor of the allotment, even though Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) voted against it. It seems that two senators who continue to pretend they’re Republicans, Susan Collins of Maine and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, decided it was a good use of our tax dollars, even after Trump pulled us out of the Accords.”

I know that balancing the budget is something unlikely to occur before our national debt ($20 trillion and climbing) finally bankrupts us, forcing us to face up to the fact that no country is too big to fail.

But if by a show of hands, it was decided that I should handle the job. I would shut down a huge number of federal departments, including Housing and Urban Development, Education, Commerce, Agriculture and Labor, and I’d slash the staffs of all the others by 25-50%.

Then I would stop sending money to foreign nations. I would also resign from the UN. I would limit welfare to the elderly and the disabled who need it, and I would make illegal entry to the United States a capital offense. I realize that last one might strike even those opposed to open borders as unusually harsh. I agree. But I also believe that the punishment needn’t always fit the crime. Sometimes the only way to drive home a lesson is by increasing the punishment to such a degree that it will offset any temptation to take the risk.

I recently announced that with nearly four months remaining in the year, I was ready to announce that the Hypocrite of the Year Award would once again go to Hillary Clinton.

But never one to rest on her big fat laurels, Mrs. Clinton has also captured the highly competitive Chutzpah Prize this year. In her new book, “What Happened,” she not only blames Donald Trump, James Comey, FBI, the Russians, the Macedonians, the DNC, Bernie Sanders, John Podesta, Anthony Wiener and Matt Lauer, for her defeat, but she insists, “The sexist candidate won!”

She might have corralled the prize just for blaming her loss on a lot of groups and individuals who actually went out and voted for her. But what cinched it for her was labeling Donald Trump a sexist, even though he never told people that the most important reason to vote for him was that he was a man.

We keep hearing, at least those of us who tune in “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on a regular basis that the major Internet companies have begun to censor speech in a way that even the federal government wouldn’t dare.

A friend sent me an example of the kind of crap the authoritarians who reside in the left-wing bubble of the Silicon Valley are pulling.

After someone named Carter Braxton posted a perfectly reasonable statement on Facebook, he was told by Big Brother that it had been taken down “because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

Community standards? Sounds like Mr. Braxton must have been engaging in obscene or at least what is now being described as hate speech, the sort that stands accused of bruising the tender feelings of some sacred-cow class of Americans (Muslims, blacks, illegal aliens, college students, single women, homosexuals, transgenders, etc.).

As Fox News never tires of saying: I’ll report, you decide.

Braxton’s post went like this: “When the Nazis took control of Poland, they destroyed statues they didn’t like. When the North Vietnamese communists took over the south after the American evacuation, they destroyed statues and monuments they didn’t like. When the Taliban came into power in Afghanistan, they destroyed statues they didn’t like. When ISIS started taking control of areas in Iraq, they destroyed statues they didn’t like. Now liberals are in control of major cities in America and they are starting to destroy statues they don’t like. Notice a trend?”

I don’t know why writing about the fascists running Facebook brought it to mind, but I recently read a line that went, “Do clouds ever gaze down and say, ‘Hey, look… that one is shaped just like an idiot’?”

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