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Trump's Reelection Announcement

Gary Bauer · Jun. 19, 2019

President Trump announced his reelection campaign in Orlando, Florida. This was the biggest presidential announcement in history. As the Trump/Pence team prepares to hit the campaign trail, I believe they have a very strong case to make to the American people for a second term. Below is a brief list of the president’s accomplishments thus far. 

  • The Great Recession is finally in the rear-view mirror. Our economy is growing again. The stock market is up 40% since the end of 2016.

  • Historic tax cuts were passed and regulations have been reduced.

  • Wages are growing again.

  • Household income is at a record high.

  • Confidence in the economy and personal finances is at a 17-year high.

  • Manufacturing jobs are coming back to America. Obama said they were gone for good.

  • Unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics have reached record lows.

  • More than 4 million people have gotten off of food stamps.

  • Energy production is booming, drastically reducing our dependence on foreign energy.

  • Overseas, America is leading once again. We are seriously confronting adversaries like Iran and China, and renegotiating unfair trade deals.

  • At the same time, we are rebuilding our military.

  • We are strengthening historic alliances, most especially our alliance with Israel.

  • Our NATO allies are contributing more toward their own defense.

  • The ISIS caliphate has been crushed.

  • We are finally getting serious about securing our border.

  • We are making tremendous progress restoring balance to the federal courts.

  • Pro-life legislation is advancing at the state level.

  • Planned Parenthood is losing access to federal tax dollars.

  • For the first time in 12 years, a majority of Americans feel good about the future.

All this in two and a half years. Just imagine what Donald Trump and Mike Pence could accomplish in eight years! 

Trump’s Tweet

Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States. They will be removed as fast as they come in. Mexico, using their strong immigration laws, is doing a very good job of stopping people long before they get to our Southern Border. Guatemala is getting ready to sign a Safe-Third Agreement. The only ones who won’t do anything are the Democrats in Congress. They must vote to get rid of the loopholes, and fix asylum! If so, Border Crisis will end quickly!

The choice is clear Trump is doing everything he can to stop illegal immigration while Democrats are inviting in as many illegal immigrants as they can.

Supreme Stakes

Here are two numbers I want every conservative to keep in mind as we begin the 2020 campaign: 80 and 86. Justice Stephen Breyer is 80 years old. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 86. 

If President Trump is reelected and if Republicans hold the Senate next November, there is a very good chance Trump could make a third and even a fourth Supreme Court appointment.

Replacing just one of the court’s left-wing members would cement a conservative majority for decades. The implications are enormous for religious liberty, the sanctity of life, the Second Amendment, immigration reform and so many critical issues.

These are the stakes, my friends.

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