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Not at Arlington Cemetery

Obama politics at ceremony's expense.

May 27, 2014

Barack Obama’s comments during the Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery belittled the sacrifice of fallen veterans and were completely out of place. Instead of merely saying a few words to mark the occasion and focus attention on the aftermath of war, Obama played politics from the podium by making false promises to both veterans and their children. He told the children whose parents died in war, “Your country will be there to help you grow up into the young men and woman your parents always knew you would be.” Obama continued and brought up the VA Hospital scandal, with its sub-standard care for veterans: “We’ve been reminded in recent days, we must do more to keep faith with our veterans and their families, and make sure they get the care and benefits and opportunity that they’ve earned and they deserve. These Americans have done their duty. They ask nothing more than our country does ours – now and for decades to come.” Obama lied, vets died. He’s doing it again, but the time and place is unbelievable. More…

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