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R > D = America Wins

With this welcomed new equation, what will the GOP do?

Nov. 10, 2014

The only one refusing to accept the voters’ full-throated rejection of the failed leftist policies of the Democrats is Barack Obama. The pathology of his narcissism has been well-documented and persists.

Democrats live in a fantasy world in which intentions are measured and not results. That’s why, for example, they manufactured the “war on women” months-long strategy to frame Republicans as sexists while talking to female voters’ reproductive organs instead of their intellects. Democrats’ 2014 turnout efforts also sprinkled race-baiting pixie dust to conjure up images of hate based on skin color to serve as a Pavlovian signal to mobilize minorities based on fear and fabrications.

But despite the Nov. 4 landslide elections that devastated Democrats, there are no indications Obama will be dismounting his unicorn anytime soon.

With this welcomed equation of R > D = America First, what will the GOP do?

In developing strategy, more than mere mechanics are involved. The strategy of the GOP majorities must be to enact the will of the American people. And the elected Republicans of the House and Senate would do well by answering a few questions.

  1. Does the sentiment of voters who cast ballots rejecting “blue” state and federal policies translate into a desire to see compromise with failure?

  2. Does the lack of an affirmative vote in support of these failed redistributionist policies indicate voters want more socialism?

  3. Did the American people cast their ballots in support of a lawless immigration policy, a meandering definition of terrorism, or a rudderless economic policy that continues to incentivize able-bodied Americans to drop out of the workforce to become dependent?

  4. Did the brimming red-state map of the United States of America result from voters “hope” for more of the same, or an overwhelming demand for “change” from the Obama-driven policies as a whole?

The list of questions could go on.

The current fear of voters in the heartland of America is an Oliver Goldsmith response: “Ask me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.”

Political maneuvering is constant in the equation of governance out of Washington, DC. But, it can’t be the driving factor.

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the expected Senate majority leader, extended post-election olive branches to Barack Obama. While some on the Right saw this as undue capitulation, we think McConnell’s strategy is to lay a trap for the vengeful narcissist in the White House. McConnell indicated a willingness to work with Obama – specifically on tax reforms and international trade agreements – but he also pledged no government shut downs or defaults on the debt. With his good-faith gesture, the almost inevitable confrontations will clearly be due to Obama’s aggression and intransigence.

And McConnell noted that voters “gave us divided government” with the implied desire to see Congress offset the disgrace of an imperial president.

On the House side of Capitol Hill, Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has been less congenial. In a direct response to Obama’s post-election announcement that he would move forward with amnesty by executive order without the legislative branch, Boehner issued this declaration: “I’ve made clear to the president that if he acts unilaterally on his own, outside of authority, he will poison the well. And there will be no chance for immigration reform moving in this Congress. It’s as simple as that.”

The easy place to begin is with the 532 bills – over 50% of which passed the House unanimously – that have accumulated on the desk of the real obstructionist, outgoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The content of those bills includes repealing ObamaCare, ending the Independent Payment Advisory Board of the “Affordable” Care Act, 43 bills deemed to incentivize job-creation and retention, and legislation to combine almost 50 redundant job-training programs, just to name a few important items.

Barring Obama’s threatened unconstitutional action to award amnesty to millions who entered our sovereign nation illegally, the GOP-led Congress should address the immigration fiasco and honor the common sense of the American people that laws must be enforced, law-breakers and criminals should be punished, and those who honor the law should be rewarded.

Note to the GOP: Semantics and gimmicks won’t work in the correction of our immigration woes. Citizens know that if they made a run from an airport gate to the terminal refusing security checks, photo identification presentations and disrobing down to their sock-feet, they would be charged federally and treated as a criminal. Any less for illegals is wrong.

Elected Republicans must get things done to increase the labor force participation rate, lower the corporate tax rate to avoid expatriation of businesses, and increase excellence in schools through parental choice. They could also bend the cost curve of health care down by strengthening market-based solutions such as health savings accounts and changing Medicaid from a defined-benefit federal program to a state-driven block grant program.

Until now, the math has not favored the movement of conservative, constitutional policies through the legislative process in the House and Senate. So now, Republican leaders, America is counting on you like never before.

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