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No Civil Rights Charges Against Darren Wilson

Jan. 22, 2015

No matter what Attorney General Eric Holder said previously about police profiling, it doesn’t make Officer Darren Wilson guilty. The Department of Justice recommends not charging Wilson with violating the civil rights of Michael Brown when Wilson killed him in Ferguson, Missouri. (Interesting timing – the day after Barack Obama mentioned the case in his State of the Union.) Holder still needs to sign off on the end of the investigation, but if anyone could find a racial issue where there is none, Holder would. But it’s not over, either. “It gives the Justice Department an ostensible justification to subject the entire police department to an investigation over its ‘patterns and practices,’” warns Andrew McCarthy at National Review. “Using a Clinton-era statute that lowers its burden of proof, and the staggering DOJ budget and resources that make it prohibitively expensive for states and municipalities to contest federal investigations and lawsuits, the Justice Department extorts the police departments into signing agreements to conduct policing in an Obama-compliant manner.” This is unsurprising. Wilson fell back on his training when responding to an unprovoked attack and the altercation lasted a few seconds. Eric Holder could find plenty to critique as the Ferguson PD responded to weeks of protests and looting. More…

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