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Krauthammer: Obama Actually Believes the Spin

Feb. 27, 2015

Political analyst Charles Krauthammer doesn’t think Barack Obama and John Kerry are just spinning the news about ISIL and falsely claiming everything is ok. It’s far worse. “What is unprecedented here is we have ISIS, a terror group, that is unprecedented not only in its attractiveness to Western radicals but controls more territory, controls more finances and funds and weaponry than any in the history of the world. That’s a serious issue,” Krauthammer explained. “So you would like to say that Kerry and Obama what are pretending it’s otherwise as way to spin it and to reduce the anxiety and to explain away the inaction and the failure of this administration to address the problem seriously. But I think it’s worse. I don’t actually think the president’s spinning it. I think he truly believes that this is a tranquil era, that we are overhyping – putting emphasis on terrorism which is out of proportion – that in the end compared to the strategic threats of Nazism or communism, it’s a minor issue. I think he thinks that, and … I think he’s internally placid about all of this, where Americans are not only agitated and upset but actually angered by the way Americans and others, Christians and others, are treated abroad. So I think we really have a president who believes that stuff and it’s not spin and that, I think, is worse.”

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