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Hillary's Camp: Oh, by the Way, We Really Did Read Every Email

Mar. 16, 2015

Is this any way to run a nascent presidential campaign? It took Hillary Clinton three days to challenge the story that her “personal” emails were deleted without anyone even reading them. Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill released a statement claiming that when they said keyword searches were used to determine which emails to keep it wasn’t the only method they employed. “[I]n wanting the public to understand how robust of a search was conducted, the fact sheet laid out several examples of the methods used by the reviewers to double and triple check they were capturing everything,” he said. “It was not meant to be taken as a list of every approach performed to ensure thoroughness. Those subsequent steps were in addition to reading them all, not in lieu of reading them all. (No different than our explaining such terms were used but not listing every search term used.) We simply took for granted that reading every single email came across as the most important, fundamental and exhaustive step that was performed. The fact sheet should have been clearer every email was read, which we are doing now.” They assumed everyone would trust Hillary’s judgment. But, as the saying goes, you know what you get when you assume… More…

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