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Finally! Congressional GOP Starts to Lead Using Proposed Budget

Mar. 17, 2015

Congressional Republicans certainly have their work cut out for them. Today, the House Committee on the Budget, headed by Dr. Tom Price of Georgia, released its proposed budget that sets forth a Republican agenda for how the federal purse is to be spent. The budget, steeped in the fiscal influence of Rep. Paul Ryan, cuts spending by $5.1 trillion and slashes additional debt in 10 years. ObamaCare would be repealed and the caps on defense spending would be lifted. But such a proposal could be controversial even among Republicans because it pits war hawks like Sen. John McCain, who vehemently opposed the sequestration of defense spending, against Republicans who prioritize a tight fiscal policy in all quarters. Last month’s fight to fund the Department of Homeland Security while defunding Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration showed that congressional Republicans face a double enemy – fratricidal infighting and an authoritarian executive. But a budget is a worthy goal (exactly why Harry Reid blocked one for so many years), and we’re glad to see the Republican majority finally starting to lead. More…

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