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It's Not About Home Rule for DC, It's About More Laws

Mar. 30, 2015

Funny how Barack Obama’s stance on home rule in the District of Columbia subtly shifts depending on the issue. Currently, the executive is firm: The city and its rabidly anti-gun mayor has the right to form their own laws about guns. Obama’s spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters, “Gun laws that are made by the District of Columbia should be made by the District government. Home rule is important.” Congressional Republicans introduced legislation that would roll back the draconian laws in the city, which have only allowed 16 people to legally carry firearms in the district. But the White House said Obama hasn’t reviewed the legislation, so he hasn’t issued a veto threat – yet. This is different than Obama’s position when DC legalized marijuana in December. Oh sure, Earnest evoked home rule, but The Washington Times reports Obama would have been open to signing legislation re-banning the plant in the city. At this point, Obama has consistently come down on the side of more laws for the city whose license plates read “Taxation without Representation” More…

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