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9/11: The 'Varsity Team' Is Back

Obama cooks the intelligence to serve his narrative.

Michael Swartz · Sep. 11, 2015

Each September since that fateful day in 2001, we’re reminded of the most terrible chapter in the Long War that arguably began with the 1979 takeover of the American embassy in Tehran: the 9/11 attacks on the twin towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and possibly the U.S. Capitol Building. We annually mourn the loss of not just the unwitting victims of these attacks but also those who perished as first responders to the chaotic World Trade Center scene and the doomed heroes who wrested control of Flight 93 away from the terrorists, causing it to crash in a remote Pennsylvania field.

Even after 14 years and the loss of much blood and treasure, though, we got another al-Qaida calling card last week — the latest issue of a full-color propaganda rag they call Inspire. In it, they encourage would-be jihadists on tactics with “a step-by-step guide to carry[ing] out a terrorist attack without being detected by U.S. authorities.” Considering no one put the pieces of 9/11 together before it was too late, it’s obvious al-Qaida isn’t too cautious about revealing these procedures.

So if you thought al-Qaida was a thing of the past, think again. The House Homeland Security Committee says homegrown terror is becoming more of a threat. Rather than elaborate operations, however, so-called “lone wolf” attacks — like the recent one in Chattanooga, or the one foiled in Kansas City today — keep that little bit of fear and hesitation alive.

On the other hand, if you believe the Obama administration line, you’d be under the impression that the Islamic State “JV team” is in the process of being routed by our superior air power. That’s simply not the case, according to those in the know. In fact, just this week it was revealed that more than 50 intelligence analysts formally complained that their reports are being “inappropriately altered” by stateside leaders at CENTCOM.

“The cancer was within the senior level of the intelligence command,” said one defense official. We’d say it goes all the way to the Oval Office.

It’s painfully obvious there’s an ongoing effort to burnish the Obama (and, eventually, Hillary Clinton) narrative of the Islamic State being defeated without American boots on the ground. Throughout his re-election campaign in 2012 (even in the wake of Benghazi) and ever since, Obama has repeatedly claimed he’s winning the fight.

Democrats and media who fell all over themselves to claim George W. Bush was lying about WMDs in Iraq, though, seem oddly incurious about the real success rate of the Obama regime against the Islamic State. Imagine that.

And if we can’t trust his intelligence on the Islamic State, why should we trust his deal with Iran?

As time passes from the 9/11 attack, we tend to forget that those who can best recall that horrific day as adults are becoming less and less a part of the prevailing culture. Those entering college this year were not yet in kindergarten at the time, and they were spared the awful shock we felt so deeply as adults.

That’s why it’s worth mentioning that the “blame America first” crowd is now hard at work attempting to rewrite the history of 9/11 as a deserved punishment for our “imperialism.” Because these college students aren’t learning about that which has made our nation right, good and unique, they can more easily fall prey to the idea that we had it coming.

It’s also why we keep this page around to detail the true tragedy and outrage of that awful day. Someday, we who remember 9/11 will pass on from this fight, but the struggle between the ideals of America and the darkness of radical Islam is a generational one. Our prayer is that right prevails without having to survive another 9/11, one which could be delivered in a nuclear or biological weapon.

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