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$150,000 Is Chump Change for Hillary Clinton

Her acceptance of shady donations has lost her the ecofascist vote.

Political Editors · Feb. 8, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of shady donations has lost her the environmental activist vote. Climate change activist group 350 Action published a video from a Clinton campaign event last week where 350 activists asked Clinton about the $150,000 her campaign accepted from the oil industry — an industry that has drawn particular ire from liberals. “Yeah, I don’t even know what you’re referring to,” Clinton replied, “but Big Oil knows I’m not their friend, so I can’t imagine. They must have put it in the wrong envelope. I’ve been very clear about that, and I want to take away all their subsidies.” As 350 Action asked, Clinton doesn’t know who funds her? Greenpeace also criticized Clinton’s oil money. The ecofascist group pointed out another video where 350 Action followed up with Clinton, questioning her commitment to the “progressive” dream policy of campaign finance reform because of the donation. Clinton responded, “When you raise a $120 million, $150,000 isn’t very much. Let’s be honest.”

Not very much? For the vast majority of Americans, $150K is a lot of money. If her family really was as “dead broke” as she claimed it was upon leaving the White House, she’d know the value of $150,000 — or the $675,000 she was paid for speaking to Goldman Sachs. Instead, it shows she accepts money from anyone who waves a check, and her claim that she’s a principled politician is both ridiculous and demonstrably false. If the oil industry wanted to change her campaign platform, it should have tripled its donation.

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