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Relax: Extensive Study Says GMOs Are Beneficial

Genetically modified crops are clearly backed by scientific research.

Jordan Candler · May 17, 2016

A new report by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, titled “Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects,” bodes well for advocates of genetically engineered (modified) crops. According to NBC News, the study found:

  • “There is no evidence of large-scale health effects on people from genetically modified foods
  • "There is some evidence that crops genetically engineered to resist bugs have benefited people by reducing cases of insecticide poisoning
  • "Genetically engineered crops to benefit human health, such as those altered to produce more vitamin A, can reduce blindness and deaths die to vitamin A deficiency
  • "Using insect-resistant or herbicide-resistant crops did not damage plant or insect diversity and in some cases increased the diversity of insects.
  • "Sometimes the added genes do leak out to nearby plants — a process called gene flow — but there is no evidence it has caused harm.
  • "In general, farmers who use GM soybean, cotton, and corn make more money but it does depend on how bad pests are and farming practices.
  • "GM crops do reduce losses to pests
  • "If farmers use insect-resistant crops but don’t take enough care, sometimes pest insects develop resistance”

There’s nothing particularly alarming in those bullet points, and in fact the news is mostly positive. And this study agrees with what numerous other studies show — GMOs are safe and effective. This only adds to the silliness of Vermont to mandate GMO labels. If Democrats are so worried about hunger in both America and around the world, why do they continue waging a war against a promising and health-smart solution?

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