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WaPo Worries German Muslims Heading to Gas Chambers

What an outlandish parallel.

Jordan Candler · Jun. 7, 2016

Muslim sympathizers have taken another bizarre turn in the form of revisionist history. A strange juxtaposition is chronicled in a new Washington Post article, “‘This reminds us of the times of Hitler’: In the heart of Europe, anti-Islam politics are on the rise.” In it, Anthony Faiola — reporting from the streets of Erfurt, Germany — laments that “on this side of the Atlantic, too, Islam is under fire, with political opposition to the faith growing as an anti-Muslim message emerges as the rallying cry of Europe’s far right.”

The piece takes particular issue with the Alternative for Germany party, which vocally opposes Islam and seeks a crackdown on Muslim mosques and rituals. And to make a point, the author — as the title portends — makes a disturbing link between the Muslims’ supposed plight and … the Holocaust.

German leader Bodo Ramelow is quoted as saying, “The crematoriums for the concentration camps [of World War II] were built in Erfurt. Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps were here. The first big wave of racism was directed against our fellow Jewish citizens. … We must never again allow a majority vote to prevent a minority from thriving.”

Central Council of Muslims in Germany chairman Aiman Mazyek added, “For the first time [since World War II] there is a party again attempting to existentially constrain an entire religious community and to threaten it. This reminds us of the times of Hitler.”

What an outlandish parallel, not the least of which is because the Muslims were implicit in assisting Nazi Germany. That is to say: Muslims were instrumental in helping Hitler annihilate the Jews. As columnist Arnold Ahlert documented last year:

“Our feckless president has long had a soft spot in his heart for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)… [T]he MB’s … desire to eliminate the Jews is nothing new. The MB was established in 1928 by Hasan al-Banna, who admired Hitler and wrote to him expressing his desire to collaborate with the Nazi Party. During World War II, the MB made good on that desire. Its members spied for Hitler in the Middle East and formed two Muslim Waffen-SS Handschar Divisions to fight for the Nazis.”

Some — not all, but some — Muslims, such as the ones inflicting terrorism worldwide, don’t want democracy. They want despotism. And that’s the problem. They’d like nothing else than to see the gas chambers re-emerge. And for the Post to take empathy with Muslims at the victims’ expense is worthy of condemnation.

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