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Miami-Dade a Sanctuary No Longer

City will now receive federal funds as its mayor decides to abandon its sanctuary policy on illegal aliens.

Political Editors · Aug. 9, 2017

Democrat Mayor Carlos Gimenez has made the “controversial” decision to reverse Miami-Dade’s 2013 sanctuary city policy. Gimenez decided to honor ICE detainer requests after Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned that federal funding would be withheld from those cities and municipalities who enacted “sanctuary” policies for illegal aliens. On August 4, Gimenez received a letter from the Justice Department stating that “there was no evidence” that Miami-Dade was continuing its “sanctuary” policies, that it was in compliance with federal immigration policy and that it would therefore receive a police grant worth about $480,000 this year.

This should send a clear message to cities like Baltimore and Chicago — which is suing over the administration’s move — that continue to stubbornly resist backing off their lawless sanctuary policies. Miami is proof that if one works with Trump he will work with you.

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