Obama Weaponized Gov't Agencies Against Opponents

Ambassador Samantha Power made 260 requests to unmask American citizens in 2016 alone.

Thomas Gallatin · Sep. 22, 2017

It’s no secret that Barack Obama pushed his executive branch powers beyond constitutional limits. Obama was bound and determined to impose as much of his socialist agenda onto America as possible with the long-term aim of fundamentally transforming the nation. What he and the leftists liked to call “progress” much of the rest of the country called dangerous, authoritarian and unconstitutional.

For example, during Obama’s time in office, Americans witnessed what can only be classified as the politicized weaponization of supposedly non-political government agencies. The list includes the IRS and its targeting of Tea Party groups, the implementation of leftist social engineering policies on the military, the variety of “environmental” rules created and implemented by the EPA, the use of the ATF to run guns to Mexican drug cartels in service of an anti-Second Amendment agenda … and the list goes on.

But U.S. intelligence agencies’ abuse of power under Obama may be the most troubling.

One individual in particular has become the focal point in Obama’s use of intelligence agencies to spy on American citizens. That person is the former ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power. She had previously been named as one of three former Obama officials, Susan Rice and John Brennan being the other two, who made numerous “unmasking” requests. What makes Power so intriguing is the fact that her position as ambassador wouldn’t seem to merit the information. Furthermore, the sheer volume of her unmasking requests raises questions. Power was so active in making requests that Fox News reports “she averaged more than one request for every working day in 2016 — and even sought information in the days leading up to President Trump’s inauguration.”

We know that Obama went after journalists Sharyl Attkisson and James Rosen. We know that the NSA lied about its collecting data on millions of Americans. We know that the CIA was caught spying on Senate Intelligence Committee staffers, even though Brennan denied it. We know that it is an absolute joke that Obama’s was the “most transparent” administration in American history.

As the layers of Obama-era obfuscation are slowly being peeled away, a clearer picture is emerging of the extent to which the executive branch weaponized government agencies against its political opponents. It was a systematic abuse of power, and the appropriately named former ambassador may be just the tip of the iceberg.

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