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Pelosi on "racist" immigration reform, the alt-SOTU, "feminist" Grammys, Facebook humor, and more.

Political Editors · Jan. 29, 2018
  • Pelosi: Immigration framework is a “campaign to Make America White Again” (Hot Air)

  • Sanctuaries: 675 jurisdictions wouldn’t turn over criminal aliens to ICE (CNS News)

  • Census Bureau rejects Obama’s proposed racially divisive changes (The Daily Signal)

  • Village Idiots: Hollywood liberals to offer alternative State of the Union (The Resurgent)

  • Three high-tax states sue to fight legislation that cuts deductions (NBC News)

  • Shock, Las Vegas mogul has sex scandal history: RNC finance chair resigns over misconduct (Fox News)

  • Feminist Grammys? Only one woman — Alessia Cara — won a main award (Daily News)

  • Hillary Clinton helps politicize Grammy Awards, reading Fire and Fury (The Daily Wire)

  • 15 times major media outlets used a statistic about plastic straws based on research by a nine-year-old (Reason)

  • Venezuela to hold “elections” — without an opposition party (Reuters)

  • Humor: Facebook now requires blood sacrifice before anyone will see your page’s posts (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: The key points Trump will talk about in first State of the Union (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: Is $1.7 trillion too much to rebuild America? Not at all (Investor’s Business Daily)

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