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Bruce Jenner Lectures on the Hardships of Womanhood

CNN celebrates its "wokeness" on International Women's Day by including some "mansplaining."

Thomas Gallatin · Mar. 12, 2018

Last Thursday was International Women’s Day, so what better way to celebrate and recognize the occasion than to have a man explain how difficult life is for women? Evidently, those “woke” folks at CNN thought that was fitting and trotted out gender dysphoric Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner to pontificate on his experiences being a “woman.” Any other man would be guilty of “mansplaining.” “My path to womanhood was very different,” Jenner opined, ignoring the fact that he is not a woman. Jenner then blamed society for treating women as “second-class citizens” and for conditioning them to be “emotionally weaker, physically weaker.”

The cognitive dissonance on display in the CNN interview has sadly become the norm across much of America’s mainstream media culture. Not only are cultural practices based upon innate understandings of gender differences actively condemned, biological facts discovered by sound scientific research are ignorantly maligned and rejected as part of the “patriarchy.” Sound thought is replaced with flawed narratives about the right to absolute autonomy of self-identity.

The truth is Jenner, who won Olympic gold as a man, knows no more experientially about what it is to be a woman than does any other man. He is and always will be a man, no matter how deluded he may become in his own mind or how many procedures and drugs mar his body. But the shame for this ridiculous display lies primarily on those cultural leftists who have rejected the reality of the absolute nature of truth, attempting to replace it with their version of mutable “truth.” To the cultural Left, truth is not objective reality that is discovered rather than created, but is subjective and malleable in nature. It is manipulated by those with enough power and influence to condition individuals and society at large to believe in their conclusions. And clearly much of the mainstream media has bought this pernicious lie, all under the guise of seeking “social justice.”

And what may be most ironic about this whole nonsensical display is the fact that it works to belittle and confuse what is meant by the term woman. How in the world does a man claiming to be a woman do anything other than turn the whole reason for recognizing the distinctive nature, essential role and valuable contributions women bring to society on its head? It is cultural madness, or, as Ecclesiastes states, “Meaningless, meaningless says the preacher. Everything is meaningless.”

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