NAC Objects to Census Citizenship Question

Census Bureau gets pushback from a leftist committee for including citizenship question.

Political Editors · Jun. 21, 2018

“If the truth offends, then avoid asking for it.” In preparation for the coming 2020 U.S. census, the Census Bureau finds itself wrestling with a group of leftist community organizers and academics otherwise known as the National Advisory Committee on Racial, Ethnic and Other Populations (NAC). On the first day of the recent spring 2018 meeting of the afore mentioned advisory committee, complaints were quickly leveled over the Trump administration’s decision to include a certain question in the census. And what was this “controversial” question that raised leftist ire? It was, “Are you an American or not?” A basic citizenship question, which any government of a sovereign nation should rightly be entitled to know.

Why were the members of NAC so incensed by the citizenship question, especially when the committee is highly supportive of including more questions designed to further delineate various racial and ethnic groups? Is not the designation of “American citizen” arguably the most important identifier of the census? Critics claim that citizenship questions deter noncitizens from engaging in the census survey, but other smaller surveys of American households that include the citizenship question do not suffer this problem.

Could the actual reason that leftists like NAC oppose the citizenship question have more to do with their globalist open-borders ideology rather than any genuine fears of discouraging noncitizens? Maybe the better question is why the Census Bureau believes it needs the help of leftist committees like NAC to conduct the census?

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