Reminder: Trump's Track Record

This week was dominated by salacious bad news, but on balance, things are looking up.

Nate Jackson · Aug. 24, 2018

This week was dominated by salacious news that wasn’t good for President Donald Trump . But his presidency has yielded far more good news than bad news, and it’s worth keeping that in mind in spite of the relentless efforts of Democrats and their Leftmedia cohorts to undermine Trump and his administration.

This morning, the Treasury reports that real GDP growth is at 4.1%, unemployment is down to 3.9%, average hourly earnings are now about $27 and consumer confidence is very high. As for business confidence, today marks the longest bull market streak in history.

On the economic front, Trump and the Republican Congress passed massive tax cuts for the vast majority of Americans — without a single Democrat vote. (In fact, Democrats continue to campaign against you keeping more of your money.) Trump’s record rollback of regulations is saving billions of dollars. He exited the economically costly Paris Climate Accord. Tax cuts and deregulation have jumpstarted the economy (which is bad news for Democrats) and seeded a record-long bull market. Even Trump’s tariffs and trade negotiations are a strategic gamble to use a good economy to bear the short-term cost for long-term gain.

And notably, in large measure because of the impact of the Trump administration’s economic policies on minorities, the most respected presidential approval polling finds that Trump’s approval rating among black citizens is now 36%, almost twice what it was a year ago.

The Supreme Court (the judiciary in general) is why many voters gave Trump their support in 2016. That’s paid off, with the appointment of Neil Gorsuch, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh, and a record number of lower-court judicial picks.

With those court picks and his own administration’s efforts, Trump is rewarding evangelicals’ decision to put aside concerns about his moral character and vote for a man with the right policies. He has done substantial work to restore and support religious liberty, which is under attack like never before from the Left, as well as protect life for the unborn.

Just to check off a few other items, Trump is serious about immigration enforcement. He’s rebuilding our military. The Islamic State, which Barack Obama allowed to rise, is now in tatters thanks to Trump. He’s holding at bay U.S. adversaries like North Korea. He’s far too tough on Russia for a guy who Democrats insist owes his election to the Kremlin. He nuked Obama’s Iran deal and kept a 23-year-old American promise to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

We certainly exasperate Trump’s diehard fans with our criticism of his character, but we also irritate his detractors (even conservatives) with these regular reminders of how much good he’s accomplishing. That, in a nutshell, is the enigma of the Trump presidency.

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