The Caravasion Is a Sideshow

The real story is that possibly twice as many illegals are crossing the border every week.

Arnold Ahlert · Oct. 29, 2018

Beginning last March and continuing through Nakba Day on May 15, Palestinians, egged on by the Hamas terror group, engaged in mass protests at the Israeli border. Those protests culminated in violent clashes with Israeli troops and an [attempt] to breach that border, despite numerous warnings not to do so. As a result of this coordinated effort — which included the “strategy” of putting young children and teenagers in the front of the advancing mob — at least 60 Palestinians were killed and 2,700 were wounded. Moreover, despite the Israeli effort to avoid violence while protecting their national sovereignty, they were “universally” condemned — as in condemned by those with an anti-Israel agenda they sell as universal. When the “caravasion” reaches America’s southern border, expect the exact same political optics to be part of the mix.

The Independent is setting the stage. “Families pushing toddlers in strollers. A group of skinny young men who say there are no jobs in their country. A young woman from Guatemala being helped by medics by the roadside, her ankle twisted and swollen after six days of walking. These are the Central American migrants Donald Trump is sending extra troops to the border to protect America from,” the UK paper asserts.

Not exactly. Some tossed rocks at police while they broke down the border fence between Guatemala and Mexico. As for the notion the caravasion is comprised solely of Central Americans, reporters embedded with the group insist it has been infiltrated by Bangaladeshis and others from Haiti, Congo, Sri Lanka, Angola, and Cameroon. Reporter Sara Carter asserts she also “bumped into a number of young MS 13 gang members.”

Assertions of spontaneity are equally absurd. Reported organizers include Bartolo Fuentes, a former member of the Honduran national Congress that represented the political party of deposed president Manuel Zelaya. As Johan Obdola, president of the Latin America-focused global intelligence and security firm IOSI explains, it is in the interests of people like Zelaya, who oppose the current government, to “actively create violent acts and destabilization in Honduras,” using caravans to foment “constant chaos.” Zelaya denies it.

Another of the caravasion’s organizers is Pueblo Sin Fronteras. The English translation? “People Without Borders,” making their agenda self-explanatory.

Vice President Mike Pence, who has been in contact with the presidents of Honduras and Guatemala, said he was told leftist groups financed by Venezuela are also underwriting the marchers. And immigrant activist Irineo Mujica from Phoenix, one of the main organizers of last spring’s migrant caravan, was arrested in the Mexican town of in Ciudad Hidalgo.

And, as always, there’s the media and its agenda. “Thousands of people don’t spontaneously decide to leave their homes and walk thousands of miles, violating multiple international borders, without some help,” writes columnist Larry O'Connor. “We are all curious about this part of the story; why aren’t the reporters?”

Because a well-organized effort whose primary intention is to challenge America’s sovereignty would be exposed, and that would require feckless American politicians to take a side. And not just about the current caravasion. As the latest data from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reveal, it is little more than an ideologically orchestrated sideshow.

Why? According to CBP, approximately 400,000 illegals were apprehended attempting to breach the border in FY 2018. Since the CBP estimates its apprehension rate is 50%, it is likely that nearly 800,000 illegals attempted that crossing last year alone.

In other words, America was invaded by approximately 15,300 people — more than twice the reported number of current caravanners — every week.

Why isn’t that headline news? Because it doesn’t facilitate the coordinated effort to use the current march to fuel an anti-Trump agenda. Thus when the president announces his intention to stop this invasion from reaching America, he is stoking “a naked fear campaign aimed at turning out his supporters,” as CNN asserts, and “fears about foreigners and crime ahead of the Nov. 6 vote,” as The News Times insists. Moreover, closing the border “would force American economic prosperity to a back seat to American fear, lies and propaganda,” columnist Ricardo Varela declares.

And all of it would be precipitated by a president who Jim Acosta insists has made a lot of Americans wonder other or not he considers himself a “white nationalist.”

Thus, much like the Israeli-Palestinian showdown, the media stage is set. “The left, of course, is using this whole caravan situation to its best political advantage, painting those who resist the infiltration as uncaring, absent compassion for those of obvious lesser means,” Washington Times columnist Cheryl K. Chumley writes. “And truthfully, a clash between these people and the U.S. military would make great TV for the left, especially in and around an election season. Can you imagine the crying children? Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Media & Company sure can.”

Compared to what? A nation with no borders and the Rule of Law in name only? Greater numbers of border-busters than the 15,300 per week than America endured this year? Crashers further incentivized by a toothless catch-and-release policy that puts the odds of them staying here, in full defiance of the law, overwhelmingly in their favor? Crashers who refused offers of jobs and housing by Mexico, completely undercutting assertions they are merely people in search of work or refuge?

Trump is sending 5,000 troops to the border and contemplating an executive order that would block asylum seekers tailored along the lines of the travel ban approved by the Supreme Court.

“By my estimate, we should have four to five U.S. personnel for every member of the caravan. If we want to protect our country, our border, and our rule of law, we must mobilize so much force that we don’t have to use it,” Newt Gingrich writes. “The news media should be allowed to cover the preparation and the overwhelming response to the caravan, so the members of the caravan — and every potential caravanner across Central and South America — will see that their plan will not work.”

That only happens if Trump follows through on upending a globalist agenda of expendable borders and expendable Americans reduced to cogs in the transnational machinery. Promises that put the president squarely at odds with “Chamber of Commerce” Republicans, Democrats, the mainstream media, open-border activists, and unelected “resistance” operatives within the government, all of whom will seek to undermine national sovereignty.

This stunt — and that’s exactly what it is — is a line-in the-sand moment: Either we remain a genuine nation, or become a nation in name only. One where “compassion,” as it is solely defined by the American Left, is the only “standard” needed to gain entry.

Israel made its choice. America needs to make the same choice — political optics be damned.

(Updated to note the current number of troops expected to be deployed.)

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