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Second Amendment

House Dems Introduce Latest Anti-Gun Bill

Their "new" "gun control" legislation aims to mandate "universal" background checks.

Political Editors · Jan. 9, 2019

Like clock work, House Democrats once again revealed their opposition to Americans’ Second Amendment rights and introduced their latest effort at “gun control.” Theatrically staged for the eighth anniversary of a madman’s attack that nearly killed her, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) unveiled legislation that would require “universal” background checks for any gun purchase. “It’s time to address our gun violence epidemic, and this new Congress will not sit silent,” Giffords declared.

ABC News reports that the bill “would require background checks on the sale of any firearm and expand existing background checks to cover anyone attempting to buy firearms online, commercially or at gun shows, while providing exceptions for law enforcement and the transfer of guns between friends and family members.”

The obviously problem here is that almost all legal gun purchases are already subject to background checks and the supposed gun-show loophole has been demonstrated to be largely a myth. Add to that the fact that the vast majority of criminals obtain their firearms illegally, and we’re left wondering how this new legislation would prevent any actual crimes. The fact is it doesn’t. On the contrary, it’s simply political theater.

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