After Mueller: GOP Calling for Special Counsel to Investigate Obama Hacks

Lindsey Graham says it's time to investigate the Obama DOJ's corruption.

Nate Jackson · Mar. 26, 2019

Now that President Donald Trump has been exonerated on the bogus charge of collusion with Russia to win the 2016 election, it’s time for answers to some other questions. Namely, as The Wall Street Journal editorial board sums up, “How did the partisan propaganda known as the Steele dossier become the basis for an unprecedented FBI probe of a presidential campaign, an abuse of law enforcement, and two years of media and political hysteria?”

Patriot Post readers well know that this charade was funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democrat National Committee. It was strategically “leaked” by Barack Obama’s former FBI director, James Comey. It was touted by former Obama CIA Director John Brennan and former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. And the FBI used the dossier as practically its sole justification for opening the investigation into Trump and his associates, which then led to Robert Mueller’s probe.

But, with a Leftmedia far more concerned with taking down Trump than committing actual journalism, how many Americans at large know all that?

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham aims to find out. “I’m going to get answers to this,” he said Monday, announcing his intention to pursue a second special counsel — this time to investigate the Obama Justice Department and FBI for trying to defeat Trump in the 2016 election and then undermine his presidency. “I’d like to find somebody, like a Mr. Mueller, that can look into what happened with the [Carter Page] FISA warrants, [and] the counterintelligence investigation,” Graham said.

Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson stands with him. Likewise, Sen. Rand Paul declared, “Time to investigate the Obama officials who concocted and spread the Russian conspiracy hoax! I’m very concerned that it’s becoming more clear that the Obama administration was able to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on our campaign based on phony opposition research from the Clinton campaign. Having federal law enforcement spy on a presidential campaign based on phony campaign research is really distressing and the true untold story.”

And as former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy put it, “In sum, we have endured a two-year ordeal in which the president of the United States was forced to govern under a cloud of suspicion — suspicion of being a traitor, of scheming with a foreign adversary to steal an election. This happened because the Obama administration — which opened the probe of the Trump campaign, and which opted to use foreign counterintelligence spying powers rather than give Trump a defensive briefing about suspected Russian infiltration of his campaign — methodically forced its suspicions about Trump into the public domain.”

McCarthy wants full disclosure, too. That means “Mueller’s report in addition to the FISA applications; the memoranda pertinent to the opening and continuation of the investigation; the testimony in secret hearings; the scope memorandum Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein issued on August 2, 2017, after failing to cite a crime when he appointed Mueller — let’s have all of it.”

After two years of abuse of power to perpetrate a phony narrative leaked to and spread by the fake-news media, it’s way past time for a reckoning. Republicans ought to follow through and pursue it.

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