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Friday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Victor Davis Hanson, AOC, Cory Booker, Ilhan Omar, and more.

Political Editors · Jul. 19, 2019

Upright: “These arguments over our past are really over the present — and especially the future. If progressives and socialists can at last convince the American public that their country was always hopelessly flawed, they can gain power to remake it based on their own interests. These elites see Americans not as unique individuals but as race, class and gender collectives, with shared grievances from the past that must be paid out in the present and the future. We’ve seen something like this fight before, in 1861 — and it didn’t end well.” —Victor Davis Hanson

Braying Jenny: “We are not in politics anymore. We are in racism… We are in a fascistic government.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Lacking self-awareness: “Having a seat in Congress is not about individual glory — it never has been, and never will be.” —Ocasio-Cortez

Braying Jackass: “I see President Trump as a bigot, as a demagogue, as a fear-monger, as somebody who’s trying to rip our country apart at a time where other nations are showing a sense of common purpose.” —Cory Booker

Non sequitur: “As much as he is spewing his fascist ideology on stage, telling U.S. citizens to go back because they do not agree with his detrimental policies for our country, we tell people that here in the United States, dissent is patriotic.” —Ilhan Omar (Unless your dissent is not consistent with hers…)

Just sayin’: “You guys have the ability to impact on where our nation is headed, not only here in the United States but even in our nation back home.” —Ilhan Omar in 2015

Fake news: “None of these members of Congress are socialists, but that is the way the Republican leadership wants to frame this election face-off. There’s not a single member of these congressional representatives who are avowed socialists, so I don’t know where that is coming from other than opposition research.” —MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell

The BIG Lie: “You can keep your doctor under [the ‘Medicare for All’] system.” —Sen. Kamala Harris

And last… “If Republicans all denounced a Republican as racist, that might mean something. But Democrats calling a Republican racist is just white noise and doesn’t mean anything to anyone.” —Frank Fleming

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