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Rainbow Mafia

MSM Defends Dangerous Puberty-Blocking Drug

Lupron is deadly and it's being given to children. Why is that not the lead story rather than vaping?

Culture Beat · Oct. 2, 2019

After six individuals died due reportedly to vaping, it became a national story with lawmakers calling for new legislation to heavily regulate the vaping industry. And as is almost always the case, the reason given for justifying such drastic and draconian measures is “the children.” Never mind the fact that laws everywhere regulate a minimum age for purchasing vaping products, and ignore the inconvenient truth that these vaping-related deaths appear to be tied to black-market products. However, what makes this appeal to children nothing more than a convenient smoke screen is the absence of any mainstream opposition to an issue of genuine endangerment of children.

The Daily Wire reported last week about the puberty-blocking drug Lupron. The drug is prescribed to gender-dysphoric children to prevent their natural biological sexual development but it has been linked to thousands of deaths. With this news, one would expect cries of outrage and demands by lawmakers and others for immediate legislation and regulation to save the lives of children.

But in the woke culture of today, “transgenderism” is a sacred cow that must not be challenged. In fact, anyone who dares utter any criticism of the Left’s sacred cow will feel the Rainbow Mafia’s wrath.

NBC News took issue with the Wire’s reporting, noting that the vast majority of deaths linked to Lupron were “likely” adult men who were prescribed the dangerous drug as treatment for prostate cancer. While cancer-related treatment is indeed where most deaths related to Lupron have come, that still fails to negate the fact that the drug is dangerous for children. Furthermore, NBC fails to call into question why any healthy child should ever be prescribed such a dangerous drug. Gender dysphoria is not cancer. Nor is puberty.

Gender dysphoria is the problem to which the solution is not what the Rainbow Mafia demands — total capitulation to gender confusion. Rather, the solution is to allow the child to naturally develop as his or her biology dictates. As Matt Walsh observes, “In reality, no hormone drug could ever be an effective treatment for gender dysphoria, no matter the age of the sufferer. The gender-dysphoric person feels ‘trapped inside a body that doesn’t match,’ to use the National Health Service’s phrase. This obviously cannot be anything but a mental disorder. It should go without saying that a person cannot actually have the ‘wrong body.’ It is not as if our minds are entirely separate entities that are poured inside our bodies like a liquid into a container on some sort of (apparently mistake-prone) cosmic assembly line. It is a very strange form of dualism that sees the human person this way.” And it’s child abuse to endorse and enable children suffering from gender dysphoria.

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