Jordan Eviscerates 'Star Witness'

Taylor: "Let me just say that I don't consider myself a star witness for anything."

Political Editors · Nov. 14, 2019

On the opening day of the Schiff Show, the most representative cross-examination in regard to the credibility of the impeachment inquiry was between Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Adam Schiff’s “star witness,” acting Ambassador to the Ukraine Bill Taylor:

Jordan: “Even though you had three opportunities with President Zelensky for him to tell you … ‘We’re going to do these investigations to get the aid,’ he didn’t tell you. … You didn’t listen in on President Trump’s call and President Zelensky’s call?”

Taylor: “I did not.”

Jordan: “You never talked with Chief of Staff Mulvaney?”

Taylor: “I never did.”

Jordan: “You never met the president?”

Taylor: “That’s correct.” …

Jordan: “And you’re their star witness? … You had three meetings, again, with Zelensky and it didn’t come up.”

Taylor: “And two of those they had never heard about it as far as I know. There was no reason for it to come up.”

Jordan: “Vice President Pence meets with President Zelensky, and guess what. They didn’t talk about any linkage either.”

Taylor: “Let me just say that I don’t consider myself a star witness for anything.”

Jordan: “They do. You might not. They do.”

Meanwhile, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said that the impeachment proceedings should stop until we get answers to three questions:

“First, what is the full extent of the Democrats’ prior coordination with the whistleblower, and who else did the whistleblower coordinate this effort with?

"Second, what is the full extent of Ukraine’s election meddling against the Trump campaign?

"And third, why did Burisma hire Hunter Biden and what did he do for them, and did his position affect any U.S. government actions under the Obama administration?”

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