Philadelphia Fraud 'Em

Actual voter fraud in Philly once again proves false Democrat insistence that it's not real.

Douglas Andrews · May 22, 2020

Yesterday, we noted that Michigan had taken a giant leap toward electoral fraud when its secretary of state, Democrat Jocelyn Benson, sent 7.7 million absentee ballot applications to Michigan voters.

Remember, though: Voter fraud “isn’t a thing.” As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists, it’s merely a trumped-up issue that Republicans are using to suppress voter turnout. Pelosi, it seems, would prefer that we simply movealongnothingtoseehere. She’d prefer that we pay no attention to stories like the one that broke yesterday, wherein a former Philadelphia judge — a judge of elections, no less — was convicted of accepting bribes as payment for fraudulently stuffing ballot boxes in Philly’s 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections.

As Special Agent in Charge Michael J. Driscoll of the FBI’s Philadelphia Division points out, “Domenick Demuro put a thumb on the scale for certain candidates, in exchange for bribes. As public trust in the electoral process is vital, the FBI’s message today is clear: election interference of any kind, by hostile foreign actors or dishonest local officials, won’t be tolerated. This is an active, ongoing investigation and we’re asking anyone with information on election fraud to contact the FBI.”

Anyone with information? Agent Driscoll, since we’re talking about voter fraud in Philadelphia, you might want to check with former MSNBC talkinghead and Philly native Chris Matthews, who used to brag about his hometown’s uncanny knack for mustering just enough votes to put Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes into the Democrats’ column. “How many do you need?” he’d laugh.

Demuro’s ballot stuffing may seem like small potatoes, but remember: A little bit of fraud can make a big difference. And in a presidential election year with numerous battleground states, a relative handful of extra votes in Philadelphia, Detroit, or Milwaukee could be decisive.

As we warned last month, “Switching to a national vote-by-mail scheme for a presidential election that is barely six months away in a country with approximately 160 million registered voters is just asking for trouble.”

Vote-by-mail is indeed a Democrat scheme. And we are asking for trouble.

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