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Midterm Victory a Function of GOP Unity

The captains and crew must paddle together, or they'll wreck the ship.

Sep. 29, 2014

The mainstream media outlets are devoting a lot of print space and air time to this year’s midterm election, the conventional assessment being that the Republicans are on track to win back the majority in the U.S. Senate. A GOP win would move Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to the minority, as well as clear the way for hundreds of bills currently gathering dust after passing the GOP-led House.

Swells of frustration flood social media sites and grassroots opinions from those who believe the best government is one closest to the people, who hold to the U.S. Constitution as the “Supreme Law of the Land,” and those who despise the mass redistribution in place by the Obama administration and the Democrats as America struggles not to drown in this sea of socialism.

However, if the captains and crew of the conservative ship don’t stop their fratricidal infighting and start paddling together, the November results will be a shipwreck. It would be the second election cycle lost because the GOP fractured as factions vied for control.

A recent example was just on display in Louisiana in the U.S. Senate race.

If the question asked of Louisiana voters was, “Should U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu be defeated?” the answer in many quarters would be a resounding, “Yes!” This knowledge should be a tremendous incentive for all who are center-right to unify behind one candidate to assure victory in the general election, and prepare for success.

But, with the “jungle primary” system of Louisiana that declares a November victory only if a candidate achieves a majority (50% plus 1 vote), not a simple plurality, the importance of unity is even more critical in the Bayou.

Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy consistently had a favorable showing in the polls and shows no sign of weakening. Yet Rob Maness, deemed the “Tea Party Republican,” continues to pull around 9% in voter surveys.

In a CNN/Opinion Research poll of likely voters conducted September 22-24, Bill Cassidy holds a three-point advantage over the incumbent Landrieu at 50-47% in a head-to-head matchup. When Maness’ name is added, he guarantees a December run-off between Cassidy and Landrieu by siphoning off votes – Landrieu polls at 43% and Cassidy is down to 40%.

So, if the purpose is to win the U.S. Senate in November to halt the “progressive” Obama agenda that has destroyed our nation’s standing and health, why do we see the GOP’s former vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, enter into a long-shot race? She endorsed Maness in May, when he was polling at 4%, and made a personal appearance at a rally last weekend. This divides the anti-Landrieu vote.

Is the goal to win the argument against the “Establishment,” or to win the ideological fight against the Left’s agenda of foreign policy surrender and economic redistribution? The answer is “yes” to both, but we must prioritize.

Is this last-minute push in the state of Louisiana more a statement of relevance among possible GOP presidential candidates – Gov. Bobby Jindal, former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney (who has endorsed Cassidy) and Sarah Palin?

Note to all of these aforementioned players and many that didn’t make this space: If your goal is to reform and strengthen the conservative movement, do that in odd-numbered years through advocating policies, ideas and strengthening your numbers. Demonstrate vision guided by passion that translates to voters as solutions founded on the bedrock of America’s greatness.

If, however, your ambition is to be relevant in the news cycle, endeavor to control the inner workings of a political party, and teach some “a lesson” through divisiveness, then sabotaging elections will meet your goal.

Finally, a note to all who lean from the center toward the Right.

Take a moment to contrast the beauty and the strength harnessed to lift a crew rowing in unity and perfect cadence to the water slapping of arguing paddlers facing opposing directions without a shared goal.

The question must now be answered: Is the goal to defeat the proven destructive policies of the Left that guarantee collectivism and a shattering of America’s founding? If so, then paddle together.

If the U.S. Senate remains in the control of the Democrats after November, just as the White House was lost in 2012, some of the blame must be borne by those who continue to fuel adversity within conservative ranks rather than seek unity and commit to teamwork and winning.

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