Right Hooks

AG Nominee a Politically Safe Bet

Nov. 10, 2014

The White House named Loretta Lynch, the U.S. attorney that handles cases in Brooklyn, Long Island and Queens, as Eric Holder’s replacement for attorney general Saturday. Obama’s pick is political because of how apolitical it is. The Senate unanimously confirmed Lynch twice before to different positions. And Republican senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham say they don’t see much of a problem with Lynch in the AG spot. This likely forces the GOP to do Obama’s bidding in this nomination. At the White House, Lynch said, “The Department of Justice is the only Cabinet Department named for an ideal. And this is actually appropriate, because our work is both aspirational, and grounded in gritty reality.” Unlike her predecessor, let’s hope Lynch doesn’t equate “aspirational” and “gritty reality” to dirty politics. Still, we’re not holding our breath. More…

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