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Obama Vows Retaliation Over Bibi's Campaign Rhetoric

Mar. 19, 2015

There will be consequences for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s heightened national security platform days before the Israeli elections – the Obama administration will make sure of that. Before the Israeli election Tuesday, Netanyahu said he opposed a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine – even though the United States has made that its foreign policy goal for years. Granted, the deterioration in the Middle East has influenced Netanyahu’s campaign platform. For example, there’s the campaign ad featuring ISIL fighters, making the case that only Bibi could prevent the terrorist group from marching upon Jerusalem. But the Obama administration is none too pleased with Netanyahu’s focus on security or his re-election win. Unprompted, Obama’s spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters, “We’ve talked a lot about how our shared values are an important part of what binds our two countries together, and rhetoric that seeks to marginalize one segment of their population is deeply concerning and it is divisive. And I can tell you that these are views that the administration intends to communicate directly to the Israelis.” Not only that, but Barack Obama could very well take his power to the United Nations and lift America’s longtime protection of Israel, in essence injecting more chaos into the pursuit of peace. More…

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