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Perverting the Interpretation of Obama's Legacy

More willful ignorance of the real threat.

National Security Desk · Feb. 12, 2016

Patrick J. Murphy, Under Secretary of the Army, recently issued an email propagating Barack Obama’s denial of the real threat from radical Islam:

Army Team — I’m just back after a visit to Iraq and Afghanistan — seeing soldiers doing great things on behalf of our nation. I let each of them know how proud and grateful we are as they serve on the front lines and away from their families. They join the 1% of America — the 2.5 million Americans who’ve served in the longest wars in American history — soldiers who are now helping end the slaughter and horrific sexual violence of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Syrians being done at the hands of Islamic State terrorists who have embraced a perverted interpretation of Islam.

The “perverted interpretation of Islam”? More like the perverted interpretation of Obama’s legacy. This is nothing more than another shill with another shallow sale of this faux rewrite to a captive audience. The rise of the Islamic State is thanks to Barack Obama’s Iraqi makeover. And the result is a massive humanitarian crisis. No small feat for a “perverted interpretation of Islam.”

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