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DNC Lowlights, Day 2

Burning the flag, racial grievances, lies and omissions.

Political Editors · Jul. 27, 2016

As the few American flags actually present at the Democrat National Convention were burned outside the Wells Fargo Center Tuesday, Hillary Clinton officially won the party’s presidential nomination. Bernie Sanders supporters staged a walkout. So all in all it was a very typical night for Democrats.

The lineup of speakers included Bill Clinton, Howard Dean, Eric Holder, Jimmy Carter and Cecile Richards. Here are the lowlights followed by our observations:

Bill Clinton:

“In the spring of 1971 I met a girl… I’ve lived a long, full, blessed life. It really took off when I met and fell in love with that girl.”

Clinton then spent an interminable amount of time recalling his “lifetime of memories” made with his “best friend” in a desperate and transparent attempt to humanize a woman nobody likes. Notably, of course, Bill’s trip down memory lane did not include his own personal war on women — numerous public accounts of his affairs, sexual assault and rape. Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Eileen Wellstone and Monica Lewinsky were all unavailable for comment.

Jimmy Carter (by video):

“At a moment when it has become more important than ever to lift people up — to offer hope and a roadmap to a brighter future — instead, we see a Republican presidential candidate who seems to violate some of the most important moral and ethical principles on which our nation was founded. We can and must do better. And fortunately, the Democratic nominee we’ll soon be choosing offers a stark contrast in both substance and style, and also competence and experience, to what the Republicans have chosen.”

Carter knows a thing or two about incompetence. And we’d note that Hillary Clinton has no moral or ethical principles beyond getting elected.

Eric Holder:

“As the brother of a retired police officer, I am profoundly aware that an attack on a police officer anywhere is an attack on our entire society. So it is not enough for us to praise law enforcement after cops are killed. We must protect them, value them, and equip them with the right tools, tactics and training — while they are still alive. We must also come to realize that keeping our officers safe is not inconsistent with ensuring that those in law enforcement treat the people they are sworn to serve with dignity, respect and fairness. We must commit ourselves to both goals.”

Holder has been at the forefront of the Left’s war on cops, and the rest of his speech was a litany of racial grievances meant to throw red meat to Black Lives Matter.

On a related note, the speakers included several mothers of black people killed in various altercations — though none of the moms who spoke was the mother of someone actually killed by police. Still, dubbed “Mothers of the Movement,” these women in their grief perpetuated the myth of the Black Lives Matter political agenda. And it all happened just before prosecutors finally dropped all charges against all six Baltimore police officers blamed for the death of criminal Freddie Gray. That was after the city settled for $6.4 million with Gray’s family, essentially admitting guilt before acquitting the officers. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gaveled in the convention, yet her malfeasance in this story is astounding.

Howard Dean:

“Guns [are] the ultimate public-health crisis.”

It’s not guns, it’s the Democrat-run urban poverty plantations.

“We need a president who will defend our interests around the world — not with ignorant bluster and bombast, but with toughness and resolve.”

Like creating chaos in Libya, abandoning Americans there to die, and then lying about it?

“This race is going to be won on the ground. And it’s gonna be won in Colorado, and Iowa, and North Carolina, and Michigan, and Florida, and Pennsylvania, and then we’re going to the White House!”

The reprisal of the infamous “Dean Scream” of 2004 was a nice touch.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood:

“Planned Parenthood was founded 100 years ago, giving women the care they need to live their lives and chase their dreams — no limits, no ceilings.”

Planned Parenthood was founded by eugenicist Margaret Sanger, who aimed to breed out blacks and minorities. Richards omitted that little factoid.

“Hillary has always been in Planned Parenthood’s corner, because she knows women deserve someone in theirs. Women like Dayna Farris Fisher, a mom in Dallas who was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. Today, Dayna is cancer-free. She says she couldn’t have done it without Vivian, the Planned Parenthood clinician who stuck with her all the way through treatment.”

The deceitful implication is, again, that Richards’ abortion mill helps women with breast cancer screenings. But Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a single mammogram machine in any of its offices. In any case, Democrats have clearly taken a radical turn on abortion.

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