A Big, Fat Lie on 'Skinny' ObamaCare Repeal

Senate GOP fails in another bid to repeal ObamaCare, while the Leftmedia blames Republican division on sexism.

Thomas Gallatin · Jul. 28, 2017

The Senate GOP’s last-gasp attempt at repealing any part of ObamaCare failed Thursday as three Republicans — Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and John McCain (R-AZ) — voted with Democrats against so-called “skinny” repeal. And while it is another political failure for Republicans, the reality is that the “skinny” repeal would have barely repealed anything. The effort would have left 411 of the the so-called “Affordable Care Act’s” 419 sections in place. It was so bad that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), in his effort to get Republican senators on board, had worked to make sure House Republicans would agree to not pass this skinny repeal. In other words, Senate Republicans voted for a bill they didn’t even want to make it to President Donald Trump’s desk. It was a chess move to get the bill into conference.

It may be tempting to fault the Republicans for failure on this latest attempt at ObamaCare repeal, but the truth is that skinny repeal was such a watered-down mess that it’s a good thing it didn’t pass. Fact is, ObamaCare is dying a slow death without any help from Republicans, but if they and the Democrats can’t repair or repeal it, then it’s long past time that members of Congress be forced to use it as their health care plan.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the failure, The Washington Post chose to run a classic “fake news” story highlighting the supposed real reason for Republican division. The article is titled, “Female Senators Are Increasingly on Receiving End of Insults from Male Officials,” and it paints the picture of a Republican Party full of misogynists. So, rather than report on the actual issues that have caused disagreements between Republicans, the Post chose instead to insert the baseless claim of sexism, all in a transparent move to divide Republican women from the party over a phony “war on women.”

There’s an irony here that seems to be completely lost on these leftist social justice warriors. Feminists demand to be treated by men as if they were men but then turn and cry foul when … men treat women the same as other men. They call for equal treatment but demand special treatment.

But aside from the contradictory demands of feminists, the greater issue is the Leftmedia’s continued production of fallacious articles like this that seek to inject identity politics into issues where none exist. The reason Senate Republicans have become frustrated with Collins and Murkowski is not because they are women — there are six female Republican senators, a majority of whom have sided with the majority of male Republican senators on the issue of ObamaCare repeal. The real issue causing division within the Republican ranks is disagreement over ideological and political perspectives, not sexism. But leave it to The Washington Post to trot out another factually vacuous article designed not to inform but to denigrate.


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