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Are North Korea and Iran Working Together?

Kim launches another missile and sends official to Iran, while Iran blasts the U.S. for breaking the nuclear agreement.

Political Editors · Aug. 3, 2017

North Korea has launched another test missile, and U.S. officials believe this most recent missile — an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) — has the capability of reaching the continental U.S. What is even more concerning is news that officials have revised their earlier estimates for how long it would take the North Koreans to outfit an ICBM with a nuke. It is now estimated that Kim Jong Un’s regime could produce a nuclear-tipped missile by sometime next year. What had just recently been thought to be years away now is suddenly mere months away.

There is also news that the Iranians may still be cooperating militarily with the North Koreans. Kim Yong Nam, the chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Assembly of North Korea, reportedly has traveled to Iran, ostensibly to attend the inauguration ceremony of the newly re-elected Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani. Both sides are expected to have discussions over the economic sanctions that the U.S. has recently brought to bear against both nations. It also appears that North Korea has been sharing its missile technology with the Iranians.

Meanwhile, the Iranians are blaming the U.S. for failing to live up to Barack Obama’s bogus nuclear agreement and are promising to “act decisively” in retaliation against the U.S. with their own batch of sanctions. Now that’s rich. At some point more than sanctions may need to be applied to stop the aggression from both of these rogue nations.

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