GOP Tax Cuts Are 'Unpatriotic,' Pelosi Says

The Democrat leader tries to put a negative spin on Trump's increasingly popular tax cut.

Political Editors · Feb. 24, 2018

While more and more Americans are seeing the real benefits of the Republican tax cut bill — a bill that not a single Democrat voted for — leftists are scrambling to explain why it is bad for America. A recent New York Times poll finds that 51% of Americans now approve of the tax cut bill. That’s up from a 37% approval rate just two months ago. That’s in spite of Democrats and the Leftmedia decrying the tax cut as “Armageddon.” And it’s not at all shocking why the numbers have changed, with over three million Americans from 250 different companies receiving bonuses of at least $1,000, as well as increased wages and growing benefits.

With the coming midterm elections, it is becoming increasingly clear that Democrats are worried that a huge election wave swinging control of Congress back to them is far from certain. Of all the issues that could hamper the Democrats’ chances in November, the continued success of the GOP tax cut bill presents the biggest roadblock, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) knows this. Thus, Pelosi has sought to double down on her rhetoric and has moved from calling the higher pay and bonuses people have received from the GOP tax cut as merely “crumbs” to calling it “unpatriotic.”

At a town hall event in Texas, Pelosi stated, “We could have, as we’ve done before, written a tax bill in a bipartisan way that had transparency that people could see what it was about.” She then referenced the false image that Republicans sought to quietly pass the legislation in the dead of night, as if to hide it from Democrats and the American people. That description is pure fiction and she knows it. Pelosi is trying to cover for the fact that Democrats refused to work with Republicans in creating the law and now may suffer for the fact they resisted voting for a bill that benefits the vast majority of Americans.

Then on Wednesday, Pelosi gave a press conference in San Francisco, where she was pointedly asked by a reporter, “Working people are getting more money in their paychecks … what’s wrong with that?” Pelosi responded by admitting “that some people are getting a little bit more,” but she then hemmed and hawed about how Californians would pay more in state taxes due to the ending of the state and local tax deduction (SALT), as if the fault for California’s exorbitantly high taxes lies with Republicans in Congress. Then Pelosi complained about what the tax bill would do to the national debt, saying, “This tax bill is taking us deeply in debt. It is mortgaging our children’s future, and why? To give a tax cut to the high end.”

So Pelosi thinks tax cuts are mere “crumbs” and “unpatriotic” while wringing her hands over the national debt, an issue she cared nothing about when Barack Obama was in office and Democrats controlled Congress. We’ll see how that message sits with voters come November after they’ve enjoyed several more months of the benefits afforded by the GOP tax cuts.


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