'Sanctuary' Politics vs. Law and Order

Pelosi and company refuse to budge on funding Trump's border wall because they want votes.

Political Editors · Jan. 23, 2019

One of the major reasons why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Democrats refuse to provide President Donald Trump with the $5.7 billion in border-wall funding to end the partial government shutdown is due to the growing so-called “sanctuary” movement. In response to Trump winning the presidency, Democrat-controlled cities and states have sought to frustrate his ability to crack down on the long-running and increasingly dangerous problem of illegal immigration by enacting “sanctuary” policies designed to limit the ability of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to track down and deport illegal aliens. Out of more than 300 “sanctuary” communities, four “super sanctuaries” have emerged.

These “super sanctuaries” are defined by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) in a report as “jurisdictions, often major cities” that “are now using taxpayer funds to actively support and assist illegal aliens living there. Some of these cities provide free legal advice to illegal aliens fighting to stay in the country. Others provide discounted housing specifically for illegal aliens. Alarmingly, some dole out voting rights to their illegal residents.”

The CIS has determined that there are currently four “super sanctuaries,” which include Washington, DC, with its surrounding suburbs, New York City, Chicago, and the entire state of California.

Much of the Democrats’ #Resistance to Trump’s border wall is tied inextricably to a calculation that these “sanctuaries” are not merely reactionary against Trump but are indicative of a new and emerging political force. Therefore, Democrats are tailoring their political agenda to cater to these illegal aliens. As CIS observes, “The new and creative ways [Democrats] have accommodated their illegal residents indicate their willingness to continue the political battle over the illegal population.”

Democrats are changing their rhetoric on the border wall, calling it immoral in a deliberate effort to dupe Americans into believing the false narrative that Trump’s “real” agenda for tackling illegal immigration and enforcing our nation’s laws is in fact an expression of his racist, white-nationalist instincts. They along with their cohorts in the Leftmedia foment this absurd and false narrative incessantly in an effort to obfuscate from the fact that their lawless agenda of creating an unending pipeline of illegal Democrat voters is causing American citizens real and unnecessary suffering.

Declaring a once-universally accepted law to be immoral simply because one views it as a hindrance to attainment of greater power is neither just nor moral, and it is in fact the very tactic so often employed by the self-righteous authoritarian despots.

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