Impeachment Inquisition: Phony Pelosi 'Doesn't Hate Trump'

House speaker dubiously claims her drive to impeach Trump is not motivated by partisanship.

Thomas Gallatin · Dec. 6, 2019

“The damage that this administration has done to America — America is a great country; we can sustain — two terms, I don’t know,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lamented Thursday, following her earlier announcement that Democrats would move forward with drafting articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. She then hysterically asserted, “Civilization as we know it today is at stake in this election.”

Meanwhile in the real world, the November jobs numbers are out and the news is good. The booming economy continues to chug along with 266,000 jobs added (more than the 185,000 expected) and near-record-low unemployment of 3.5%. The jobs included 54,000 manufacturing jobs in the midst of panic over Trump’s trade moves. And the number of Americans working is a record-high 158,593,000.

So how exactly is Trump threatening civilization? The only thing he’s actually threatening is the Democrats’ goal of an ever-expanding centralized authoritarian government. Under Trump, American Liberty has been protected from the onslaught of the leftist elites.

What is at stake in the 2020 election? Which party is running on a platform of promising to limit and take away Americans’ constitutionally protected rights of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms? Which party is advocating for open borders, harboring illegal aliens, using taxpayer money to cover illegal aliens’ healthcare, ending private health insurance, and raising taxes? Which party blames capitalism for causing climate change and advocates replacing the U.S. free-market economy with socialism? It’s certainly not Trump and the Republicans. But we digress.

Back to Pelosi, her statement let the cat out of the bag regarding the Democrats’ true motivation for impeaching Trump. It’s all about the 2020 election. It’s all a political strategy they have been committed to implementing ever since Trump won the election, irrespective of Pelosi’s phony denial.

Speaking of phony, back in March, Pelosi opined, “I’m not for impeachment. Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country. And [Trump is] just not worth it.” Clearly, Pelosi had no intention of meeting that standard for impeachment. Not one Republican has sided with this obviously partisan charade.

Finally, we note Pelosi’s laughable claim to not hate Trump because “as a Catholic … I don’t hate anyone.” She sanctimoniously continued, “I was raised in a way that is full of a heart of love and always pray for the president. … I pray for the president all the time. So, don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.” We’re not sure what’s more phony — her claim of being a Catholic while rejecting Bible and Church teaching on life in the womb, or her statement that she doesn’t “hate” Trump while leading the party of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Does anyone actual believe her? Judging by her record, no one should.

(Updated with more jobs data.)

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