WaPo Employees Demand Bezos Open Up Purse Strings

Is the wealthiest man in the world not practicing what he preaches at his own company?

Political Editors · Jun. 18, 2018

Over 400 employees at The Washington Post recently signed a petition demanding that the paper’s owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, increase their wages. The petition reads in part, “All we are asking for is fairness for each and every employee who contributed to this company’s success: fair wages; fair benefits for retirement, family leave and health care; and a fair amount of job security.” Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world with a net worth of around $130 billion, and he purchased the storied left-leaning paper in 2013. Ever since, it’s become an increasingly shrill tabloid, complete with the lame motto, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

President Donald Trump, who has regularly accused the paper of propagating “fake news,” responded with a cheeky jab at Bezos: “Washington Post employees want to go on strike because Bezos isn’t paying them enough. I think a really long strike would be a great idea. Employees would get more money and we would get rid of Fake News for an extended period of time!”

The irony here, of course, is that Bezos is a socialist who spends billions of dollars supporting Democrats and their socialist agenda and yet he’s not willing to practice what he preaches within his own company.

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