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March 31, 2023

The Demos’ Real 2024 Trump Indictment Strategy

Anyone who underestimates this strategy, need only consider the outcomes of the 2020 election and how the 2022 midterm Republican “red wave” turned into an anemic “red ripple.”

After a couple weeks of endless mass media churn speculating about a possible indictment of Donald Trump, it arrived this week. Now, brace yourself for more endless mass media speculative churn, and not just from the Leftmedia talkingheads and scribes.

The MSM will focus first on what is in the sealed indictment — which may be counter-stacked to include more than 30 criminal charges to bolster the “bootstrap"claim. That indictment should be released when Trump is arraigned. Second, they will then spend months churning the churn, focussed foremost on how they can boost ad revenue.

That being said, the indictment against Trump is a historic case as I detailed in ”The Relentless Prosecutorial Persecution of Donald Trump.“ That column is a "no churn” account about Manhattan’s corrupt George Soros-backed DA, Alvin Bragg, and his planned prosecution of Trump for allegedly paying “hush money” to a “adult film” star, Stephanie Clifford, AKA “Stormy Daniels.”

Here are a couple of key points:

First, the Manhattan prosecution of Trump dovetails with the high-profile raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence last August, endeavoring to indict Trump for what Hillary Clinton actually did, after failing to convict him as president for doing what Joe Biden actually did.

Recall those high-profile FBI raids on Biden’s offices and residences to seize classified documents — oh, wait, there were no raids to retrieve more than a thousand pages of classified documents illegally in Biden’s possession. In fact Biden’s lawyers were allowed to search for documents before the FBI made their courteous scheduled arrival.

Second, regarding Bragg’s case against Trump, notably he successfully campaigned for his own election as DA by promising to prosecute Trump, despite the fact federal prosecutors and even Bragg’s predecessor declined to pursue the case because it is an absurd overreach. Once elected, Bragg himself resisted going after Trump, which prompted resignations by his two lead Trump-deranged prosecutors, Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz, the latter even writing a book arguing for Trump’s prosecution.

But that was before Democrats determined the indictment would be an integral part of their 2024 strategy, and they demanded Bragg move forward with it.

The indictment alleges “falsifying business records in the first degree” in connection with a $130,000 payment Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, provided to Daniels, to silence her claim about a 2006 “relationship” with Trump. Cohen admitted he made that payment, “in coordination with and at the direction of” Trump, plead guilty to lying about it, and went to jail.

By the way, no small irony that Daniels’s attorney was Michael Avenatti, now serving 14 years in federal prison after three different cases resulted in convictions for extortion, fraud, embezzlement and tax evasion, and in one of those cases, stealing from Daniels.

Bragg claims that Trump concealed the fact that his company reimbursed Cohen for the payments without correctly disclosing the payments were “hush money.” That by itself is just a misdemeanor charge for falsifying business records, but if Bragg can prove Trump’s “‘intent to defraud’ included an intent to commit or conceal a second crime,” the second crime being that the $130,000 payment was “hush money” that benefited his presidential campaign, and thus should have been disclosed as a campaign donation, that becomes a felony.

This is a very steep prosecutorial climb, and in fact, the only known felony charge at this point should be pinned on whoever leaked information about the Trump indictment to CNN. But again, conviction is not the objective.

All being said, the question every serious conservative political strategist and analyst should be answering is, “What are the Democrats really up to with the Bragg indictment?” How are they using this flimsy indictment as a strategic prop for their 2024 presidential election?

The answer: In short, now that Trump is an official candidate, Demo strategists anticipated that he would set the social media platforms ablaze with the “indictment” threat, and they banked on that. They believe his indictment (and the Mar-a-Lago indictment) will help ensure Trump will be the Republicans’ 2024 nominee. And, that Georgia election tampering case is also in the wings as part of the Demo strategy to boost Trump. They are certain that even Biden (if he was actually going to run, which I have declared he will not) could defeat Trump again.

Got that.

They are working overtime on this strategy, with the objective of helping Trump eclipse other candidates they might have more trouble defeating, enabling him to suck all the air out of the room. They believe that if Trump is the nominee, they can, again, depend on an enormous “hate and fear” voter turnout, which, combined with their bulk-mail ballot fraud strategy, will succeed, as it did in 2020. And recall, in 2024, Trump will be older than Ronald Reagan when he left office.

Even if Trump is not the nominee, Demos want to keep his base supporters angry enough to give Trump the momentum to create irreparable fratricidal division in the primary in order to sufficiently fracture the GOP, thus paving a path for another Democrat victory. As was the case in 2016, Trump has already refused to back any other 2024 Republican nominee so that fractured model is set.

Of course, keeping the sordid and salacious details of the Trump case front and center also divides faith-based voters, so publicizing these charges, regardless of the prosecutorial outcome, serves that objective.

Sidebar: It is worth noting that paying “hush money” is not unique to this case. The Office of Congressional Workplace Rights has paid more than $15 million taxpayer dollars to hush-up hundreds of cases of sexual “misconduct” by members of Congress and their staff. Trump is accused of using his own money to silence a claim.

All the Left and Right media churn aside, including the insistence that Bragg just suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome, promoting Trump is the Demos’ real indictment strategy.

They know the Bragg case, combined with likely indictments related to the Mar-a-Lago classified docs case, can be dragged out through the 2024 election in support of this “divide-and-conquer” strategy.

Anyone who fails to acknowledge this strategy, or underestimate its calculated outcome, need only consider the outcomes of the 2020 election and how the 2022 midterm Republican “red wave” turned into an anemic “red ripple,” despite Biden’s abysmal approval record.

Demos stopped a big Republican midterm sweep by continuing their 2020 strategy to “protect democracy” against Trump and his MAGA extremists.

In response to the indictment, Trump declared, “This is political persecution and election interference at the highest level in history.”

He reiterated how the deep state came after him: “From the time I came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower and even before I was sworn in as your president of the United States, the radical-left Democrats, the enemy of the hard-working men and women of this country, have been engaged in a witch hunt to destroy the Make America Great Again movement. You remember it just like I do: Russia, Russia, Russia and the Mueller hoax. Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, impeachment hoax one, impeachment hoax two, the illegal and unconstitutional Mar-a-Lago raid and now this. The Democrats have lied, cheated and stolen in their obsession with trying to get Trump, but now they’ve done the unthinkable, indicting a completely innocent person in an act of blatant election interference. Never before in our nation’s history has this been done.”

Initially Trump said he would not surrender, prompting Ron DeSantis, governor of Trump’s home state of Florida, to declare: “The weaponization of the legal system to advance a political agenda turns the rule of law on its head. It is un-American. … Florida will not assist in an extradition request given the questionable circumstances at issue with this Soros-backed Manhattan prosecutor and his political agenda.”

However, Trump would lose his challenges to extradition and then look like a loser, thus he agreed to surrender as long as he does not have to do so in handcuffs.

When Trump shows up in Manhattan to be fingerprinted and mug-shotted, that will provide his next opportunity to rally his supporters to “PROTEST, PROTEST, PROTEST!!!.” Indeed, within days of the indictment being announce, Trump raked in more than $5 million for his campaign, but calling for protest means risking the incitement of some of his followers to violence – again, playing right into the Demos’ strategic narrative.

We can all agree that Bragg’s indictment is a political charade, but he is a puppet of the Democrat Party and, again, they believe this is integral to their 2024 victory strategy.

George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley, a Democrat, previously joined many others deriding Bragg’s charade: “One would say Bragg is outside of his lane, but in this case, he’s on a completely different highway. This is an effort by a state official to effectively prosecute a federal crime, a crime that the Department of Justice decided not to prosecute. … This has the feeling of a thrill kill for many on the left, and they need to think seriously about what this [means] for the legal system.”

Now that the indictment has dropped, Turley says: “It’s a raw political prosecution. … [The charges] all have the same statute of limitations problem, so replicating a bad argument 30 times does not make it 30 times stronger.” But he cautions, “The indictment may come out with a crime that none of us have heard of. … Will have to see if there’s an actual alternative crime being put forward.”

He adds: “It’s a chilling moment. … Trump may be the first President to be indicted, but if this is the standard, he won’t be the last. … I think it’s legally pathetic. Under Bragg’s theory, he could take any unproven federal crime and revive a long dead misdemeanor and turn it into a felony.” But he cautions again: “The case that Trump needs to be most worried about is Mar-a Lago. It’s based on favorite criminal provisions in the Department of Justice — obstruction of justice and false statements. Those are very easy to prosecute.”

To be clear, this case is differentiated from the Biden case because it is not about taking the documents, it’s about what Trump did with them once the return request had been issued.

Turley’s assessment is shared by The Washington Post editorial board, which condemned Bragg’s prosecutorial overreach, noting that the Department of Justice already lost a much stronger case: “When federal prosecutors charged former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.) with a similar crime following his 2008 presidential run, he rebutted the accusation by arguing he was trying to disguise his faithlessness from his wife rather than from the voting public. The trial ended in acquittal on one count and a hung jury on others — at which point the Justice Department dropped the charges.”

Likewise, our friends at National Review are focused on the speculative churn, echoing the valid claims about the illegitimacy of the indictment rather than rising above the din and focusing on the Demo strategy behind the indictment.

The strength of the case is not the point.

The Demo strategy to strengthen Trump’s base of outrage in order to fracture the Republican primary and defeat the GOP nominee, is the point.

Jonathan Turley gets that, and concurs with my assessment: “The chaos that is erupting is pretty much the element for Donald Trump. It’s like trying to kill an orca by throwing him in the water. He’s obviously doing well in polls because Alvin Bragg just gave him a proof-positive that the criminal justice system is being politicized. … The question is why, why would Bragg work so hard to bring out this misdemeanor and try to turn it into a felony?” Turley added, “He fulfilled Trump’s narrative.”

And Democrats know what “fulfilling Trump’s narrative” means for enhancing their bid for victory in the upcoming election. Unfortunately, even the most astute political observers are still stuck in the trenches, yet to actually ponder that Demo strategy.

Short of some surprise lateral pass from the Bragg indictment, Trump will eventually be acquitted – a “victory” which furthers the Democrat strategy to keep him ahead of the primary pack and help ensure none of his opponents become the nominee, like Ron DeSantis, who Demos fear.

In 2016, Trump won the general election with 304 of the 538 electoral votes, despite the fact Clinton won the popular vote by a 2.1% margin. That was a great victory for America! But he drags a lot more political baggage into the next election.

However, Democrats still have their successful 2020 bulk-mail ballot fraud machine intact, and the residual fear from the J6 “insurrection” will draw out even more low-info “Hate and Fear Trump” voters.

Will their strategy work in 2024?

Trump is embracing it, thinking they are wrong, even trying to get his next court appearance in December, pushed further out into the primary season.

Republicans ignore it at their grave peril.

Again, anyone who fails to acknowledge this strategy, or underestimate its calculated outcome, need only consider the outcomes of the 2020 election and how the 2022 midterm Republican “red wave” turned into an anemic “red ripple.”

Footnote: Betraying how warped the Left’s view of “justice” has become, Nancy Pelosi said of the indictment, “The Grand Jury has acted upon the facts and the law. No one is above the law, and everyone has the right to a trial to prove innocence.” I guess that applies to “no one” except the Biden family crime syndicate. And for the record, the burden of the state is to prove guilt, not the individual to prove “innocence.”

PS: On a lighter note, our favorite satire site ran this headline today: “Biden Relieved After Learning The President Being Indicted For Shady Financial Dealings Is Just Trump.”


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