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January 6, 2021

The Democrats’ Massive Bulk-Mail Ballot Fraud Strategy

The Demos’ claim their bulk-registration and bulk-balloting legislation is about “voter rights.” But it’s a massive voter fraud scheme to create a permanent Democrat majority.

“The crisis is arrived when we must assert our rights, or submit to every imposition, that can be heaped upon us, till custom and use shall make us as tame and abject slaves.” —George Washington (1774)

On October 24, 2020, just ahead of the presidential election, Joe Biden declared, “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Of course, his Leftmedia talkingheads and scribes were quick to dismiss this comment as a “slip of the tongue.” However, Biden’s gaffe would be more accurately described as a politician unintentionally saying something true. Recall that Biden had earlier admitted, “I am a gaffe machine,” and indeed he is.

In early 2020, Biden and his Democrat Party strategists implemented bulk-registration and bulk-mail balloting schemes across the nation, which excluded any ID requirement to authenticate who was casting those ballots. Their strategy originated with Anthony Fauci’s mandates to circumvent in-person voting, using the ChiCom Virus pandemic as his rationale.

Of the the votes cast in 2020, 43% (66 million ballots) were cast by mail — and a majority of those were in states where authentication of the person receiving and casting the ballot is not required. Of all those who voted in person, 66% voted for Trump versus 42% for Biden — which is to say that 58% of Biden ballots, almost 47 million votes, were cast by mail.

As a result, the lack of authentication in combination with massive ballot-harvesting operations, significantly eroded the integrity of authenticated votes – meaning your vote. As a result of this unmitigated election fraud, some states are implementing legal measures to restore the integrity of elections – including voter ID requirements, the global standard for voting.

And for the record, recall that the largest postal worker union endorsed Biden, which is to say the union members who delivered and collected ballots, were on Biden’s team.

Naturally, Demos and their Leftmedia platforms, aided and abetted by their BigTech free speech suppressors, are labeling any measure to authenticate who is voting “voter intimidation and suppression,” while mislabelling their systemic voter fraud proposals “voter rights.”

Of course, the only gauntlet against the establishment of a permanent Demo bulk-mail ballot majority is our Constitution’s prescription for the Electoral College, which ensures our Constitutional Republic does not become a tyrannical populist democracy. And it is precisely that reason that the Democrats are also endeavoring to eliminate the Electoral College — enabling a few large states to determine the future of the whole nation. It was precisely for this reason that our Founders implemented the Electoral College.

So, where do these imminent threats to American Liberty and Rule of Law stand?

In special elections in January of 2021, a slim majority of Georgia voters returned control of the Senate to leftist Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who will be restored as Senate majority leader with the tiebreaker vote of incoming VP Kamala Harris by the end of January.

Schumer will then work with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Biden/Harris regime to rapidly undo voter integrity initiatives nationwide, and reset the nation’s course back toward the tyranny of statist socialism.

How did Republicans lose Georgia? As I asked ahead of the runoff: Given that the state’s leading leftist protagonist, Stacey Abrams, has registered more than 115,000 additional Demo voters since November in a state that Donald Trump failed to carry, can either GOP Senate candidate win?

While the contested presidential election was sucking all the Republican air out of the room, Georgia Democrats hit the ground with a winning strategy for Schumer — the same strategy they used in November. And that strategy succeeded in the election of two far-leftist candidates, radical Raphael Warnock and nothing-burger John Ossoff, in a state that has been otherwise generally conservative.

(Of note, as of this date, there has been no chain of custody established for 404,000 absentee ballots left in drop boxes, and Atlanta/Fulton County is one of the 35 counties unable to produce that chain of custody. But … who cares?)

What strategy? Well, it was not the election fraud the president has been focusing on for the last two months — “rigged voting systems” and state legislatures not performing their constitutional duty.

Then what happened?

What follows is an alarming explanation of the real impending threat to the future of voting integrity, thus American Liberty, on the heels of the Left’s successful election strategies in November and in Georgia this week, which turned our political system hard left. That strategy has, and will continue to pay rich power-shifting dividends if Demos’ House Resolution 1 and Senate Resolution 1 are both passed.

In a nation of 333 million Americans, in 2020 almost 160 million (66%) of its 239.2 million eligible voters cast votes. That’s the highest voter turnout rate (if one considers bulk-mail balloting “turnout”) among eligible citizens since 1900, when 73% of voters actually turned out in person to cast ballots in the race between Republican President William McKinley and Democrat challenger William Jennings Bryan. Elections were close then, too, with McKinley winning with a little more than Biden’s margin — 51.6% of that vote.

However, with all the odds stacked in his favor, including the deep state collusion to take Trump down during his years in office, and the Demos’ Leftmedia collusion to covered up Joe Biden’s corrupt ChiCom pay-to-play schemes, Biden only won a narrow 51.3% majority of the popular vote (81,283,501), giving him 306 electoral votes – the direct result of the Democrats’ corrupt bulk-mail ballot fraud strategy (which they will fully implement again in 2024).

Though Trump received 46.9% of the vote (74,223,975) and 232 electoral votes (2,926,539 votes (1.8%) were for third-party candidates), the election was closer than appearances would imply. Biden’s seven million vote margin was mostly in California and New York, which is precisely why the Demos’ want to eliminate the Electoral College, but Biden actually won the presidency by fewer than 45,000 votes in the key swing states of Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

For different reasons, as I noted soon after Biden selected Kamala Harris as his Black (check box) female (check box) Left Coast (check box) running mate, I predicted she may replace him sooner than later — making her the titular head of the Democrat Party’s leftist enemies of the Liberty cadre. Whether that Demo replacement strategy will work or not, is yet to be seen.

How did we get here?

Democrats attempted two, in effect, coup d'états to take down Trump during his presidency. The first was the “Russia collusion” delusion, and the second was the Pelosi/Schiff impeachment charade.

Having failed at both, their third and final effort, using a bulk-mail balloting strategy to overwhelm Trump’s electoral support, succeeded. While President Trump has been focused on electronic hardware and software manipulation, I believe those concerns continue to create a diversion from the real mass-voting fraud — tens of millions of bulk-mail votes that have ostensibly been authenticated — by the Demos’ “standards.”

Notably, William Barr, Trump’s former erstwhile Attorney General, forewarned of the coming bulk-mail ballot fraud ahead of the election: “Elections that have been held with mail have found substantial fraud and coercion. … We haven’t had the kind of widespread use of mail-in ballots as being proposed. We’ve had absentee ballots from people who request them from a specific address. Now what we’re talking about is mailing them to everyone on the voter list, when everyone knows those voter lists are inaccurate. … This is playing with fire. We’re a very closely divided country here, and people have to have confidence in results of the election and the legitimacy of the government. And people trying to change the rules to this methodology — which as a matter of logic is very open to fraud and coercion — is reckless and dangerous. And people are playing with fire.”

The bulk-mail and absentee ballot authentication problem is twofold: First, there is the question of proper identification for the person registered to vote by mail, particularly if that registration was part of bulk-registration initiatives. Second, there is the question of actual signature authentication, be it human or electronic. This is why other countries have severe restrictions on mail balloting.

Before further explanation of those two problems, let’s review the election just past.

Regarding the identification of a voter, states have varying ID requirements.

Some 36 states have laws requesting or requiring voters to show some form of identification at the polls. The remaining 14 states use other methods to “verify” the identity of voters, most often a signature comparison with a signature on file.

The biggest states requiring NO voter ID are, to one degree or another, Democrat-controlled: California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Oregon, and North Carolina. Of the 15 states that do require voter ID, but do NOT require a photo on the ID, the bigger states are Washington, Colorado, Missouri, Virginia, and Connecticut.

Only six states still have a strict requirement for an ID with photo: Wisconsin, Indiana, Kansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia.

And that brings me back to Stacey Abrams for a minute — she lost to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp by more than 50,000 votes in 2018 because of, she claims, “voter suppression,” starting with the state’s aforementioned requirement of voter identification. She is a BIG angry victim of the white man. According to Kamala Harris, “Without voter suppression, Stacey Abrams would be the governor of Georgia.” According to Cory Booker, “It was the voter suppression, particularly of African-American communities, that prevented us from having a governor Stacy Abrams right now.”

That anger manifested in Abrams’s vigorous ground game in Georgia, and ultimately, she won — and she established the model for Democrats nationwide.

Fact is, Democrats pretentiously protest that requiring a valid ID to ensure voter eligibility is solely about “voter suppression.” Need I list the number of basic activities that require a photo ID — you know, like buying a beer, or driving a car, or boarding a plane, or attending the NAACP National Conference?

Worse than not requiring and affirming identification of in-person voters is the Democrat strategy to expand bulk-mail voting by millions of, in effect, unidentified voters.

Currently, voting by mail is an option in 33 states and the District of Columbia. In 2020, five states — Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, and Washington — held elections almost entirely by mail, with Hawaii and Utah adopting full vote-by-mail elections in 2020.

In 45 states plus DC, provisions, some temporary and some permanent, allowed voting by mail without an excuse, and other changes were also made to make voting easier.

In nine states and DC, bulk-mail ballots are now mailed to the last known addresses of all “registered” voters — the so-called “universal voting” process. Those states included major Demo strongholds: California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, and New Jersey.

The number of bulk-mail ballots skyrocketed to more than 65 million in 2020, 65% of the 101 million early votes cast — and that total was the equivalent of 73% of all votes cast (136.6 million) in 2016. In that election, only 25% (33 million) of votes were the result of “universal voting” or absentee ballots. Predictably, the number of mail ballots cast for Democrats far exceeded the number cast by Republicans.

Some 81% of Democrat voters say they supported voting by mail. And, no surprise here: Almost twice as many Biden supporters as Trump supporters indicated they voted by mail in 2020.

California was a model for corrupt vote-by-mail efforts, yielding record voter turnout. As a result, almost 87% of the state’s 17,785,151 votes were not cast in person. Moreover, almost 99.5% of those ballots were accepted — a historically low rate of rejection.

To better understand the influence California can wield in national elections, keep in mind that only eight states have a larger population that Los Angeles County.

Notably, of mail-in ballots, the rejection rate for primary ballots in 2020 was far higher than in 2016. And yet in the general election, with its record number of mail-in ballots, the rejection rate dropped dramatically.

Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub insists, “There is simply no basis for the conspiracy theory that voting by mail causes fraud.”

Got that?

This is the year that Democrats figured out how to rig elections “universally” — taking their cue from Barack Obama and his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who declared: “You don’t ever want a good crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Leftists have masterfully used the ChiCom Virus crisis as national justification for their mail-vote ground game.

As I noted in our “ChiCom Virus Timeline, the Left’s biggest benefactor, billionaire socialist George Soros, asserted early on that the ChiCom pandemic would provide a ”revolutionary moment“: "I would describe it as a revolutionary moment when the range of possibilities is much greater than in normal times. What is inconceivable in normal times becomes not only possible but actually happens. People are disoriented and scared.”

Bulk-mail balloting would have been broadly inconceivable way back in 2019 — which seems like an eternity ago. But as I wrote in April of that year, the Democrats were busy then formulating an electoral strategy to guarantee perpetual rule, as they have every year for the past century.

The Demo objective in 2020 was to register millions of new “victims” and “group identity” constituents who aren’t politically informed or engaged. In many states, registrations require only the loosest criteria for identification. Democrats choose those who would not otherwise vote in person. In states that are not bulk-mailing ballots to every registered voter, they have ensured the new registrants are signed up for bulk requests to receive absentee mail ballots.

But motivating those constituents to vote requires a massive effort to reinforce their victim and/or group-identity status, and last summer they accomplished this with their “systemic racism” canard, dutifully and endlessly piped through every Leftmedia medium into the soft brains of those voters. This helped ensure that they returned those ballots.

Finally, back where I started.

What’s the problem with mail-in ballots, particularly those bulk-mailed to all registered voters in some states?

Beyond the loose identification requirements for voters in many states, the authentication of those ballots is done by signature comparison. The Democrat assertion that the vast majority of November’s mail-in ballots contain authentic signatures is patently unverifiable.

I’ve been a collector of signatures, both contemporary and historic, for my entire adult life. Authenticating signatures, whether that of George Washington or Donald Trump, requires time and expertise. That authentication process is both art and science.

The notion that 65 million signatures have been authenticated by rooms full of bureaucrats and hourly contract workers who have only the most tangential instruction on signature verification and very limited time to do so is utterly absurd. More absurd is the notion those signatures were sufficiently authenticated by electronic signature scanners.

Recall how Stacey Abrams brazenly bragged about the lack of signature verification in Georgia, how she was “eviscerating” the “exact match” signature standard.

The only legitimate mail-in ballot vote must be from a voter who has been thoroughly authenticated on the front end, and whose signature is expertly validated on the back end. Counting votes as authentic under any other circumstances constitutes massive mail-ballot fraud. This is not so much the willful casting of fraudulent votes as the willful counting of votes that have not been properly vetted on both the front and back end.

What should concern every American who believes the integrity of our elections is important is this: If Democrats can use their bulk-mail strategy to get 81,283,098 votes for dullard and senile Joe Biden, who has accomplished next to nothing in his almost five decades in Washington, what can they do with a top-ticket candidate like Harris — especially given the alignment of the Leftmedia and social media giants against Liberty.

To be clear, Democrats are not interested in election integrity. The only way to ensure the integrity of our election process is to require in-person voting and limit mailed ballots to those requested by registered voters, and then requiring proper identification for authentication in both cases.

But the window for revitalizing the requirement for authentication is closing.

HR 1 and SR 1 are on the immediate horizon.

To fully comprehend the Democrats’ fraudulent bulk-mail strategy, consider Nancy Pelosi’s House Resolution 1 HR 1 bill, laughably named the “For the People Act of 2021” — it is anything but. It is noted as HR 1 (and SR 1 in the Senate) because it is the first and highest priority for both House and Senate Demos.

House Resolution 1 is largely the same HR 1 bill which, on 8 March 2019, passed the House by a party-line vote of 234–193, but it was blocked from receiving a vote by then-Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who then had a narrow Republican majority. McConnell has eviscerated Biden’s “voter integrity” lie, but the Leftmedia continues, of course, to propagate it.

Despite Joe Biden’s “unity” theme, the Democrat agenda is anything but. Pelosi’s HR 1 stipulates that the federal government will, contrary to our Constitution, have the power to set universal regulations regarding voter identity requirements, in order to implement universal bulk-mail balloting. HR 1 asserts: “A state may not require an individual to provide any form of identification as a condition of obtaining an absentee ballot. … A state(s) may not require notarization or a witness signature or other formal authentication (other than voter attestation) as a condition of obtaining or casting an absentee ballot.”

That should alarm every American interested in the future of Liberty.

(Update: On 3 March, again on a party-line vote (220-210), Democrats passed the 791-page HR 1 behemoth. In the 50-50 split Senate as SR 1, it also failed thanks to Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV).)

It should be noted, however, that if Democrats can register millions of new voters, so can Republicans. But Trump’s campaign and the GOP were AWOL in November and for the Georgia Senate runoff — completely failing to counter the Democrats’ ground game. The old adage, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” applies. The country can’t afford another election cycle with the GOP being AWOL.

The Democrats now have a three-pronged attack plan to control the results of future elections — listed in order of importance: Expand their bulk-mail “universal voting” strategy through HR 1 and SR 1, pack the Supreme Court after retaking the Senate, and, ultimately, eliminate the Electoral College, so the voters of a few massive urban centers can rule the nation.

The most immediate defense against passage of SR 1 in the Senate is for Trump to call Joe Manchin (D-WV), remind him that Trump won his state by a whopping 39 percentage points in 2020, and “encourage” him to switch parties or face a recall. I am sure that prospect is hanging over Manchin’s head and, thus, he will be the most difficult senator for the Demos to keep in their column. Trump won’t do that because he still does not understand the inherent dangers of bulk-mail ballot fraud.

Hopefully the Left won’t be emboldened to dispense with the Electoral College by those Republicans in the Senate and House who exercised their right to object to the election results. Such objections are nothing new, but the unfortunate events that followed those objections by Trump were new.

Vice President Mike Pence was called to certify the election results, and he has said correctly, “It’s is my considered judgment that my oath to support and defend the Constitution constrains me from claiming unilateral authority to determine which electoral votes should be counted and which should not.”

Unfortunately, while addressing a rally of thousands of his supporters/protesters near the Capitol building as the election was being certified, Trump responded with this disgraceful shot at his loyal VP: “Mike Pence didn’t have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!” He then declared he was going to lead them down to the Capitol building. Some of his unhinged sycophantic supporters interpreted that as an invitation to attack Capitol Police and mob the Capitol building, intending to interrupt the deliberations over election certification.

The J6 rioters succeeded in forcing the evacuation of the building. But House and Senate members reconvened later in the evening to confirm Biden’s election.

We hold our side of the political spectrum to a higher standard than the Left’s antifa thugs, their BLM haters, and other violent cadres, but some of the Trump fringe supporter behavior in Washington was largely indistinguishable from leftist thuggery. Condemnation from conservative political and thought leaders was swift and unequivocal.

Politicization of the protest/riot in the Capitol by Pelosi and Schumer was equally swift.

Of course, Democrats called for Trump’s impeachment to keep this disgraceful occurrence front and center as political theater until the day he leaves office — and beyond. But this is abundantly clear: While the actions of this fringe group of rioting miscreants reflects poorly upon conservatives, in fact it does not represent to any degree the broad spectrum of more than 100,000 Trump supporters at his DC rally, or millions of Americans across the nation who have supported his administration’s conservative agenda — none of whom would approve of this inexcusable behavior.

All said, as I have written previously, Trump’s “election fraud” protests, and the DC rally debacle, are likely to overshadow the legitimate concerns about election fraud. The Left’s HR 1 and SR 1 fraud strategy is of much greater consequence to the future of our nation.

Concerning the lack of confidence in our electoral system, a Quinnipiac University poll found that 77% of Republican voters “believe there was widespread voter fraud during the presidential election.” And “of voters overall, only 60% believe the election to be legitimate.” Those finding were largely duplicated in a Politico survey, which “found that 79% of Trump voters believe the election to be stolen through illegal voting and fraud.”

But those Republicans have yet to grasp the overarching danger posed by passage HR 1 and SR 1. And Democrats would like to keep them in the dark.

Republicans should and will seek to roll back “universal voting,” but that will be met with leftist protests of “voter suppression,” much as they have protested affirming the identity of a person to ensure voter eligibility.

Predictably, New York City has now become the largest American city to grant voting rights to non-citizens – and others will follow.

To be clear, Biden, Harris, and anyone in Congress or the media who references the Democrats’ effort to institutionalize voter fraud by calling this subversion “voter rights,” is perpetuating a BIG Lie, and should forever be branded as a liar.

Next up in the Demos’ black bag of election fraud tricks, regardless of whether they are able to pass legislation institutionalizing voter fraud, will be voting online and via apps.

Patriots, for the moment, it’s back to 2008, when Barack Obama’s Demos held the House and Senate — until they got hit by the Tea Party wave in 2010… But it is clear that the Demos’ election fraud strategy, if they are able to institutionalize that voting corruption moving forward, will thwart such electoral rebuttal.

UPDATE: After the massive $787.5 million liability settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems in April of 2023, and with Smartmatic next in line suing Fox – both companies are likely preparing suits against other primarily conservative media outlets which repeated Donald Trump’s fallacious claims about voting machine fraud. The Patriot Post was not among those repeating such claims.

It is understandable why pop conservative icon Tucker Carlson had this assessment of Trump as he was stoking his “stolen election” rally in Washington the week of the J6 Capitol riots: “We are very, very close to being able to ignore Trump most nights. I truly can’t wait. I hate him passionately. What he’s good at is destroying things. He’s the undisputed world champion of that. He could easily destroy us if we play it wrong.”

After Trump instigated the “stolen election” claims referencing those “horrible Dominion [voting] systems,” and his legal tag-team Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell propagated those claims, despite not having any evidence, they will be next in line for mega liability lawsuits. Notably, prior to the 2020 election Democrats were also on the record with concerns about the integrity of electronic voting machines.

Those legal actions, combined with the fact Trump has errantly embraced the Demos’ indictment strategy, may ensure he is the victor in the 2024 Republican primary and loses, again, in the general election.

Moreover, after all of Trump’s “rigged and stolen” election rants, which culminated in the J6 Capitol riots, now that Trump is preparing his 2024 run he insists “Our path forward is to MASTER the Democrats’ own game of harvesting ballots in every state we can.” In other words, he now asserts that Republicans should adopt the corrupt ballot fraud strategies he repeatedly condemned.

To be clear, the 2020 election was rigged by Democrats colluding with their Leftmedia talkingheads and scribes, their Big Tech and their social media friends to blackout pre-election coverage of Biden’s corrupt ChiCom connections. Of course a half billion well-placed Zuckerbucks certainly helped.

Additionally, as was the case with the poor Republican performance in the 2022 midterm elections, despite the fact that Biden was deep underwater in approval polls and Democrats had NO policy success to run on, Trump has proven to be the Democrats best friend. They have now, twice, run successfully on their “Hate Trump!” platform, combined with the fact they count on their female voters being emotionally incontinent dupes who are energized by the SCOTUS reversal on abortion.

These factors combine with their very effective bulk-mail ballot fraud strategy guarantee Democrat victories.

Semper Vigilans Fortis Paratus et Fidelis
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