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Top Stories of the Decade

On the eve of 2020, we stepped back and reviewed some of the most important topics since 2010.

Mark Alexander · Dec. 30, 2019

If there is one essay that captures the spirit of all of Alexander’s columns, that would be The Patriot’s Primer on American Liberty, a study of our Republic’s standard for Rule of Law over rule of men.


The Impeachment Theater of the Absurd

The DoJ FISA Report — Trump Was Right

Inheritance Welfare Liberals — The Effluent of Generational Wealth and Privilege

Red Old Deal Recycled as Green New Deal


Thank You Justice Kavanaugh

The Leftmedia’s Incendiary ‘Fake News’ IS the ‘Enemy of the People’

The Deconstruction and Repeal of the Second Amendment

Billy Graham Has Gone Home


Donald Trump and the Office of President

Obama’s Legacy Makeover: An 8-Year Reality Check

The Communist Centennial of Tyranny and Terror

Gold Star Moms v. NFL Kneelers


The Trump Administration — A Reagan Revival!

The Patriot Post at 20 — From Grassroots to Global

The Democrat War on Cops

The Boy Scouts’ ‘Gay Pride’ Merit Badge


The Anchor Baby Myth

‘Unalienable Rights of Man’ — A Civics Lesson

The Obama/Clinton Middle East Legacy: An Epic Humanitarian Crisis

American Liberty v. Taxation: A Short History


The Left’s Real ‘Climate Change’ Agenda…

The Democrats’ ‘Great Society’?

Rise of the Islamic State

Ferguson: A Race Bait Case Study


What’s Good and Right About America?

The So-Called ‘Affordable Care Act’

Obama’s ‘IRS Enemies List’

The Democrats’ End Run on ‘So Help Me God’


Gender Disorientation — A Faithful Response to the ‘LGBT?’ Agenda

The Blood of Innocents

The Democrats’ Urban Poverty Plantations

The Model for Presidential Character — George Washington


The 9/11 Attack — Ten Years Ago

Bullet Points: OBL’s Termination

We Are Grassroots American Patriots

The Reagan Centennial


Nationalizing Health Care: The Vote

Sacred Honor: Our Oath to Support and Defend

The Second ‘Tea Party’ Revolt

2010 Republican Wave — Fruit of the Tea Party Revolt

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