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March 2, 2022

SOTU 2022: Fact-Checking Biden’s Big Lies

Joe’s State of Confusion speech was the most moronic presidential comedy hour ever.

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” —Article II, Section 1, Constitution of the United States (1787)

This week, we witnessed a president, under the most challenging circumstances imaginable, rise above those challenges and establish himself as a formidable national leader. I am referring, of course, to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

On the other hand … if you missed Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, more aptly his “State of Confusion” or “State of Delusion” remarks — and I certainly hope you didn’t suffer through them as he and we did — to understand what he tried to say you will have to read his comments as prepared here because it was exceedingly difficult to understand what he was actually trying to read from his teleprompters.

Key Demos attempted to get out in front of Biden to frame his remarks. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, the Baghdad Bob of Demo party-line politics, was as polished as one of Vladimir Putin’s propagandists in his floor remarks ahead of the SOTU. According to Schumer, “The president will make clear that while we have a lot of work left to do, we’ve gotten a lot of work done already.” Yes on the former, no on the latter. Poor guy didn’t know when to sit or stand during Biden’s dog and pony show.

And then there was Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), who tried to sneak this in as a way of deflecting criticism against Biden’s feckless foreign policy: “When a dictator like Vladimir Putin acts in a horrendous way, it’s got to be America’s fault, it’s got to be Joe Biden’s fault. I don’t think our instinct should be to blame America first.”

To be clear, nobody is “blaming America first.” Further, “Joe Biden” is not “America.” In fact, every scream of a child, every drop of blood shed, is on Joe Biden and his socialist congressional cadres – and those who elected them.

Of course, left-wing black supremacist Nikole Hannah-Jones, author of the bogus 1619 Project for teaching Critical Race Theory, protested that the only reason Americans care about Ukrainians is because they are white: “What if I told you Europe is not a continent by definition, but a geopolitical fiction to separate it from Asia and so the alarm about a European, or civilized, or First World nation being invaded is a dog whistle to tell us we should care because they are like us.”

And the hits just keep coming!

I tag-teamed with Nate Jackson and Doug Andrews to bring you the following breakdown of broke-down Joe’s bumbling remarks.

It was a strange affair, akin to the longest “Saturday Night Live” comedy skit ever, playing to a room half empty but mostly unmasked. I have never seen a SOTU delivered to half an audience without explanation, but if I were a Democrat, I would have stayed away too — or would have, as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) did, sat in the Republican section.

Upon entering the room, Biden handed Speaker Nancy Pelosi the official copy of his remarks. She did not disgracefully tear up the pages, one by one, as she did Donald Trump’s last SOTU remarks in 2020, when the state of our union was great. However, tearing up Biden’s speech would have been the best thing she could have done for her party’s midterm prospects. (BTW, our criminal complaint against Pelosi for tearing up that official document is still pending.)

For her part, Pelosi dutifully sat behind Biden displaying a synthetic, seemingly constipated grimace throughout the entire spectacle, while Kamala Harris was poised to jump in if Biden collapsed.

Going in, Biden and his handlers knew this speech had to be a major pivot point for him and his socialist Democrat Party cadre.

Biden’s approval is mired at 40% in the RealClearPolitics average. That is confirmed by the more Biden-friendly poll at FiveThirtyEight, where Biden’s approval went from +16.8 on March 1, 2021, to -12.5 on March 1, 2022. But the real-time polling this week by Leftmedia outlets ABC News and the Washington Post is more troubling for Biden, showing his approval is now down to 38%, and much worse with those all-important independent voters.

With that as a backdrop, it is odd that there was not a more obvious pandemic pivot, just another episode of his moronic droning and drooling through a plethora of obfuscations and lies, affirming much of what I asserted in a “Sneak Preview: Biden’s State of Disunion Lies” last week.

What follows are some memorable excerpts of Biden’s most egregious lies and obfuscations, a short compilation of which you can watch here.

On paving the way for Putin’s “minor incursion” into Ukraine:

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: Anyone who believes that Russian dictator and former KGB thug Vladimir Putin would invade Ukraine if Donald Trump were still president is pathologically delusional. Putin’s “minor incursion,” as Biden referred to Putin’s pending invasion, is the direct consequence of an inept, non compos mentis commander-in-chief — one who had proven himself a moron long before being elected.

Power does not tolerate a vacuum, nor an inept and vacuous appeaser. Consequently, weakness invites aggression.

To that point, Trump’s former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, and his Deputy Director, Cliff Sims, affirmed the obvious this week: “A recent Harvard-Harris poll found that 62 percent of Americans believe that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if Donald Trump were still in the Oval Office. As former senior intelligence officials under President Trump, we agree with that view. … Vladimir Putin’s appetite for expansion did not wane during the four years Trump was in office, and the world was not just miraculously a safer place. Bad actors like Putin simply knew that they had to restrain themselves or deal with the consequences. In nearly every way possible, President Biden has weakened the United States and our allies and empowered Putin. As a result, Russia is on the march, even as the Ukrainian people have inspired the world with their courage and resilience. And in the wings, America’s greatest threat – Xi Jinping’s China – waits, and watches.”

According to Biden: “Throughout our history we’ve learned this lesson — when dictators do not pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos. They keep moving. And, the costs and threats to America and the world keep rising. That’s why the NATO alliance was created to secure peace and stability in Europe after World War II. The United States is a member along with 29 other nations. It matters. American diplomacy matters.”

Of course, Biden emphasized alliances and European NATO partners because the world knows Biden’s words mean nothing. And aptly demonstrating how he delivered the corpus of his remarks, he stated, “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the IRANIAN people.”

For context on what Biden has not learned, in 2014 when Barack Obama and Biden empowered Putin’s first “Russian Spring” invasion of Ukraine, when he seized control of Crimea, Obama and Biden sat on their hands – and Putin did not “pay a price for [his] aggression,” and predictably, “caused more chaos.” How inconsiderate of Putin after then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (AKA Hilrya Rodhamovich Clintonov) had given his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, that infamous “reset button.”

Recall at the time of that invasion, Obama had tapped Biden as the administration’s lead man on policy with Ukraine – and Biden then used that position to protect his son Hunter’s corrupt Burisma cash cow.

Biden: “We are giving more than $1 billion in direct assistance to Ukraine.” Remember when he threatened to withhold $1 billion from Ukraine in that old quid pro quo to protect Hunter?

Biden: “I spent countless hours unifying our European allies.” Countless indeed, and all reunified in their concern for Biden’s abject ineptitude.

Biden: “Let me be clear, our forces are not engaged and will not engage in conflict with Russian forces in Ukraine. Our forces are not going to Europe to fight [in] Ukraine, but to defend our NATO allies in the event Putin decides to keep moving west.” That is a straw man. Putin has no intention of moving against NATO allies, and Biden just assured him NATO and U.S. forces would not engage him in Ukraine.

The most notable omission regarding Ukraine: Biden did not mention his surrender and retreat from Afghanistan, which signaled to Putin he had nothing to fear from Biden, and green-lighted his invasion of Ukraine.

On sanctions:

Recall that the day before Putin’s invasion, Biden’s Ukrainian “border czar,” Kamala Harris, declared, “The purpose of the sanctions has always been and continues to be deterrence.”

In his dangerously dullard remarks after the invasion, Biden insisted, “No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening.”

Let that comment sink in. Everything Biden has blustered for the last two months is that sanctions would deter Putin from invading Ukraine. How did that work out?

Now, according to Biden: “Putin is isolated from the world now more than he has ever been. … The ruble has already lost 30% of its value. The Russian stock market has lost 40% of its value.”

Make no mistake, Putin anticipated these “setbacks,” and will use them to evoke nationalist fervor as did Adolf Hitler ahead of World War II. Despite the extraordinary example of armed Ukrainian citizens and warriors fighting back, as well as reports of the Russian army being stalled, recall that the mainstream media report on such events as if this were a checkers game and not a chess match.

Unfortunately, Russian forces are only “stalled” long enough to reformulate and resupply, and will soon encircle Kyiv in siege. Seasoned national security analysts are concerned that the capital may fall in a matter of weeks. Putin may then pause, claiming eastern Ukraine, where he can wait for the opportunity to take the rest of the country in another year. Or he may take the rest of the country, installing another of his puppet presidents, who will then have to contend with a considerable counterinsurgency.

Despite sending additional troops (there are now 100,000 US military personnel in Europe), Biden will ultimately fold and tell Zelensky to do the same, if the latter survives Putin’s assassins. Zelensky has thus far survived three assassination attempts. In response, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just added his name to Putin’s hit list, declaring: “The only way this ends is for somebody in Russia to take this guy out. You would be doing your country — and the world — a great service.”

Biden: “It shouldn’t have taken something so terrible for people around the world to see what’s at stake, now everyone sees it clearly.” The world can see clearly that the most powerful beacon of Liberty on the planet is under the thumb of a dullard jackass.

Fact is, the most dangerous threat to U.S. national security has been, and remains, Joe Biden and his enemies of Liberty.

On U.S. and Russian energy production:

Biden: “I can announce that the United States has worked with 30 other countries to release 60 million barrels of oil from reserves around the world. These steps will help blunt gas prices here at home. America will lead that effort, releasing 30 million barrels from our own Strategic Petroleum Reserve.” That’s about a day and a half worth of oil from U.S. reserves, less than he released in November.

As Biden was speaking, the price of crude oil reached almost $110/bbl, the highest price since Obama restricted oil production back in 2011. In other words, Biden’s strategic reserve release had zero impact on fuel prices, and those reserves will have to be replaced with more expensive oil.

And the average price of gasoline blew through its all-time high.

Fact is, Biden’s energy policies not only enabled Putin but crippled our energy production and self-reliance, and in doing so, he has crippled our ability to assist Europe with an oil offset to Russia. As Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) notes: “The current administration’s moves to restrict American oil and natural gas is one of the reasons Putin feels empowered to move on Ukraine now. An important lesson for America: If you depend on another country for your oil and natural gas you can easily be extorted by them.”

Basically, Biden pledged to double down on his failed energy policies.

Biden’s most significant gesture thus far in his sanctions game with Putin, further affirming Trump’s fortitude versus Biden’s ineptitude, was his reversal of Trump’s sanctions on Putin’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline — Russia’s cash cow conduit to Europe — only to now reverse his reversal and restore Trump’s sanctions on it. Of course, those sanctions have no immediate effect on Russia.

For the record, after Biden killed Keystone XL, thus ending our national status as a net energy producer, there is this bit of troubling data from National Review’s analysis: “Throughout 2021, the U.S. has imported 12 million to 26 million barrels of crude oil and petroleum products per month from Russia — that same country we keep enacting new sanctions on, in an effort to deter Vladimir Putin’s territorial ambitions. … Last spring, imports of Russian oil hit the highest level in a decade; in August, Russia became the second-highest exporter of oil to the United States.”

Biden could, with a stroke of his pen, restore the Keystone XL pipeline, and fracking and drilling projects on public lands. America was the world’s largest energy exporter under Trump.

And if Biden wants to hit Putin where it hurts, he should start by cutting off all U.S. imports of Russian oil and petroleum products, and thus, stop funding his war on Ukraine with U.S. dollars. It is notable that some oil companies have already ceased their business operations with Russia, or plan to abandon those operations entirely.

However, as a matter of principle, refusing to import Russian oil may feel good, but oil supplies are fungible, which is to say we will be buying somebody else’s oil and somebody else will be absorbing the Russian oil we didn’t buy.

The boldest thing Biden can do to really hit Putin’s purse is to conscript one of those Western alliances he claims he is so adept at forming, and sanction Russian oil. As the Wall Street Journal editorial board notes, “A mere U.S. ban on Russian oil imports is a distraction from the real issue.”

However, Biden knows that sanctions could really push oil prices higher, putting pressure on him to increase U.S. oil production. Thus, he is pleading with the OPEC and notably, tyrants in Venezuela and Iran, to increase supplies. But they are not likely to agree to much of a production increase as the production shortage is very profitable!

Biden could, with a stroke of his pen, restore the Keystone XL pipeline, fracking and drilling projects. America was the world’s largest energy exporter under Donald Trump, but is now, once again, a net importer – including Russian imports.

Consider this: Demos agree that shutting down Russia’s oil production will cripple their economy, but shutting down of our production is good for our economy! Go figure!

Of course, he won’t reverse his war on affordable energy because it would infuriate his Demo “Green New Deal” socialists, especially his jet-setting “climate change czar” John Kerry, who has already expressed his concern that Putin’s invasion will impact carbon emissions.

At this point, the fact is both the U.S. and to a much greater extent, our European allies are dependent on Putin’s exports, and the increase in oil prices has greatly helped the cost of his assault on the Ukrainian people. Notably, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has already declared that global support of his country came too late.

Alternatively, Biden’s “solution” is “lowering the price of electric vehicles, saving you another $80 a month because you’ll never have to pay at the gas pump again,” will solve the problem! He ensured us he is committed to “climate change” and “environmental justice.” He did not mention that Russia produces a considerable amount of the global supply of nickel, an essential metal for batteries.

He insists, “Let’s cut energy costs for families an average of $500 a year by combatting climate change.” The radical climate agenda is exactly why energy is so much more expensive now than under Trump.

Biden has enabled a Russia/China one-two sucker punch against U.S. and world energy supplies.

Oh and on the subject of sanctions and all Biden’s bluster about Russia’s corrupt oligarchs, who are all beholden to Putin and will do nothing to challenge him, the wealthiest among them is, drum roll please….Vladimir Putin.He has stollen what is estimated to be somewhere between $10 and $200 billion from the Russian people, but he and his wealth are well protected.

However, sanctions are and will continue to have an enormous impact on the Russian people.

Regardless, Putin the dictator has been, who is busy threatening nuclear winter to resolve Kerry’s emission concerns, remains far more interested in the accumulation of power than wealth, and he knows well the amount of daylight between U.S/NATO rhetoric and the reality of his options.

On tax cuts and big government spending, a two-for-one:

Biden: “Unlike the $2 trillion tax cut passed in the previous administration that benefitted the top 1% of Americans, the American Rescue Plan helped working people — and left no one behind.” This was a BIG LIE, debunked even by The Washington Post with three Pinocchios. As noted by Andy Puzder, Senior Fellow at Pepperdine University School of Public Policy: “Biden lied. In 2018, following passage of the [2017 tax cuts], the top 1% paid more in income taxes than the bottom 90% of taxpayers — combined. Sounds like their ‘fair share.’” And those tax cuts combined with massive cuts in regulations resulted in a massive economic surge for all Americans, including many “left behind” by generations of Democrat policies.

As for Biden’s so-called “American Rescue Plan,” that was $1.9 trillion in taxpayer-funded graft to fill a $300 billion economic hole created by the ChiCom Virus pandemic. The remaining $1.6 trillion is indisputably a major factor in the inflation now crushing family budgets.

On jobs and the economy, another two-for-one:

Biden: “In fact, our economy created over 6.5 million new jobs just last year, more jobs created in one year than ever before in the history of America. Our economy grew at a rate of 5.7% last year, the strongest growth in nearly 40 years, the first step in bringing fundamental change to an economy that hasn’t worked for the working people of this nation for too long.” Actually, the Demos’ mandated economic shutdowns in blue states resulted in more than 9.5 million jobs lost, so we are still waiting on another three million just to get back to even.

Again from Andy Puzder: “Biden lied. 6.5 million people returning to work following pandemic lockdowns is not the same as creating 6.5 million new jobs.” The same argument can be made for GDP.

Biden: “Millions of women … left the workforce during the pandemic because they couldn’t afford child care.” Because Biden’s teachers unions kept schools closed.

On inflation:

Biden: “Too many families are struggling to keep up with their bills. Inflation is robbing them of gains they thought they would otherwise be able to feel. I get it. That’s why my top priority is getting prices under control.” Biden has robbed families of “gains they thought they would otherwise be able to feel.”

He insists, “One way to fight inflation is to drive down wages and make Americans poorer. I have a better plan to fight inflation — lower your costs, not your wages. … So that’s my plan and will have more detail later.” Nobody has any idea what to make of this claim, other than Biden got the plan from the sparkly unicorn he keeps in the Lewinsky room next to the Oval Office.

The fact is, Joe Biden is responsible for surging inflation and the pay cut that resulted, and he willfully inflation-bombed your family budget. Biden can run, but he can’t hide. He is attempting to blame-shift inflation to other factors, but HE is the factor.

On taxes and the deficit:

Biden: “My plan to fight inflation will lower your costs and lower the deficit.” Again with the sparkly unicorn. As Rep. Greg Murphy, M.D. (R-NC), notes, “Fact check: A Tax Policy Center report shows that Biden’s tax plan will raise taxes on 75% of families in one year, and 95% in 10 years. Another White House lie.” Biden’s “plan to fight inflation” is to print more money to fund some breakup of his DOA “Build Back Better” boondoggle, a.k.a. “Build Back Bolshevik” around our shop.

Notably, Biden added, “I’ve proposed a 15% minimum tax rate for corporations.” Of course, consumers will be picking up the added cost of those taxes as higher prices — in other words, inflation.

Biden: “By the end of this year, the deficit will be down to less than half what it was before I took office. The only president ever to cut the deficit by more than one trillion dollars in a single year.” If that can be considered true in any sense at all, it’s only because Joe Manchin blocked Biden’s Build Back Better behemoth.

On so-called “voting rights” legislation:

Biden: “The most fundamental right in America is the right to vote — and to have it counted. And it’s under assault. In state after state, new laws have been passed, not only to suppress the vote but to subvert entire elections.”

Actually, it is Biden’s “voter rights” bulk-mail ballot fraud strategy that would constitute a systemic effort to “subvert entire elections.”

And on the topic of suppression and subversion, a notable Biden guest in the gallery was Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee who is the Left’s big pretender in regard to “social media responsibility.” Basically, she is their “friendly” face for the redlining of free speech, the net result of which is “not only to suppress the vote but to subvert entire elections.”

On crime:

Biden: “Let’s not abandon our streets or choose between safety and equal justice. Let’s come together and protect our communities and restore trust and hold law enforcement accountable.”

He then asserted, “The answer is not to defund the police, the answer is to FUND the police.”

Big ovation from Republicans. Of course, Biden’s fellow Democrats have led the charge to defund the police, and to that end you can hear it in their own words.

This phony call to refund police is akin to the Demos’ effort to walk back their culture war failures.

He then, predictably, blamed crime on guns. But violence is a culture problem not a “gun problem,” and the cultural degradation in question is the direct result of racist Democrat Party policies resulting in tens-of-millions of Americans enslaved on urban poverty plantations.

He then insisted: “Folks, ban assault weapons with high-capacity magazines that hold up to 100 rounds. You think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests?”

More people get killed with blunt objects like hammers than by so-called “assault weapons” or long guns of any description. And the Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting deer and everything to do with defending American Liberty. The only reason Ukraine has not folded to the Russian Army yet is because it has the least restrictive gun laws in Europe, which is to say its citizens have the greatest ability to defend themselves.

On immigration:

Biden: “Folks, if we’re ever [sic] advance liberty and justice, we need to secure our border and fix our immigration system.”

Where to begin, except to say that Biden’s policy has been tantamount to open borders, far from “securing our borders.” He has presided over a southern border invasion of almost two million illegal immigrants, who are now taking jobs, housing, and medical care from the poorest Americans.

In almost the same breath, Biden noted that he would declare all those illegal immigrants “essential workers” to give them legal status and ensure they become essential voters.

On the subject of borders, to date, almost two million Ukrainian people have fled the country for safety. The scenes from the mass humanitarian crisis at Ukrainian borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania, as women and children flee for their lives, is reminiscent of the last epic Democrat-induced humanitarian crisis, compliments of Obama and Hillary Clinton on the border of Jordan and Syria, after they enabled the rise of the Islamic State.

On cancer:

Biden: “Let’s end cancer as we know it. This is personal.” Right. He’s been on this sparkly unicorn “moonshot” since the Obama years, and now he wants more money.

On the ChiCom Virus pandemic:

Biden: “Tonight I can say we’re moving forward safely back to a more normal routine.”

While I expected that Biden would use his SOTU to launch his big COVID pivot and proclaim he “shut down the virus,” he primary primed the pivot pumps – apparently the little dustup between Russia and Ukraine got in the way.

However, Biden and company have “awakened” to the reality that the majority of Americans, now including a growing number of Democrats, are going to be angry when they fully awaken to the reality that, since Biden took office, they have been political pawns of the Demos’ big COVID lies. The high-profile Democrat political consulting firm Impact Research has circulated a strategy memo insisting that Democrats “Declare the crisis phase of COVID over and push for feeling and acting more normal” or prepare to lose big in November.

Recall Biden’s election-year call for Trump to resign because the CDC reported 220,000 deaths. There have been more than 540,000 deaths on Biden’s watch.

Biden’s masking and vaxxing mandates and disastrous Demo lockdowns have had a devastating impact on our people and our economy.

Biden did, however, mention, “Just a few days ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the CDC — issued new mask guidelines,” as if that timing was purely coincidental just before his SOTU. The day before his speech, the Demo-controlled Leftcoast states of California, Oregon, and Washington all announced the end of mask mandates, even in schools. New York did so Sunday.

Apparently, the (political) science has changed. And after his remarks, he released his White House revised COVID strategy, insisting that Americans should not let COVID control their lives. But it is Biden and his cadre who have been controlling American lives.

Biden: “People working from home can feel safe to begin to return to the office.” He said this, without a hint of irony, to a half-empty room.

Biden: “Our schools are open. Let’s keep it that way. Our kids need to be in school.” Schools should never have closed, but Biden is a puppet of the lock-down teachers unions, and his policies have only served to inhibit reaching herd immunity.

Biden did make clear, “You can’t build a wall high enough to keep out a a a a vaccine…” Huh?

Notably absent from the gallery, and everywhere else in recent weeks, was Biden’s Beltway troll, COVID czar Tony “Masked Man” Fauci, AKA “The Science.” Here, given everything Fauci has done for the Democrat Party, we thought Biden would give him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But given the Party pivot, apparently, Biden consulted with Putin on how to make those who are no longer useful “disappear.”

The three most blatant omissions from Biden’s remarks:

Biden did not mention Red China or any of his corrupt ChiCom business partners, which raises the question, What does Xi Jinping – or Putin, for that matter — have on Biden? And a piece of advice on this point: While all eyes are on Russian and ChiCom authoritarians, we had best keep a close eye in the rise of socialist Democrat authoritarians in America.

Second, there was not a word about his Marxist so-called “Black Lives Matter” radicals or his socialist “antifa movement” of self-styled “anti-fascist” fascists.

Conspicuously, there was no mention of Pelosi’s histrionic inquisition into the January 6 “Insurrection™.”

And regarding Pelosi, one of the most bizarre moments of the whole charade was when Biden, in talking about the death due to brain cancer of his son Beau, made mention of toxic burn pits in Iraq, where he’d served in the Army National Guard. Hearing this — or perhaps hearing something else entirely — Pelosi slowly rose to her feet, smiled broadly, and did some strange knuckle rub dance before slowly sitting back down.

Finally, regarding “honesty,” Biden offered this assertion by way of suggesting that we can trust everything he said in his SOTU: “I will be honest with you, as I’ve always promised.” A quick check of Biden’s litany of lies dispenses with that laughable lie.

Biden closed his remarks by insisting, “As hard as these times have been, I am more optimistic about America today than I have been my whole life.” He yelled that, but there wasn’t even a half clap or mild cheer. He then said: “May God bless you all. May God protect our troops. Go get him.” Who should go get whom was not clear.

(You can review the Republican and Democrat rebuttals here.)

Footnote: According to Nielsen Media Research, only 27.4 million households watched Biden’s SOTU across 16 networks and platforms – the lowest viewership in 30 years.

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